Like any avenue in this generation, you first have to be an account holder in order to exploit the benefits of that avenue fully. Finexbox is no different and so in order to trade in Finexbox; you need to open an account. You just need to feel in your email address, your password, confirm your password and you are good to go. An email will automatically go to your email address and from there you can complete the sign up.

Once logged in, you can have a look at the different cryptocurrencies that are available on Finexbox. Search for that specific crypto that you want to trade by scrolling down the list. You have to make sure that the crypto is available for trade on the site before you can deposit the amount that you would like to trade. Once you find your crypto of choice (Ubricoin), follow the steps below.


Click on Ubricoin. This will take you to a page that gives you a QR code.

Click on Display QR code. This gives you an address to which you can deposit the amount of cryptocurrency that you would like to trade.

Go to your Wallet and deposit your Ubricoins on the address given i.e. 0x1f7b51v865cgjkf8o75ghfjl7857jhfj785680h8768jkgh09jh.

Once deposited, go back to Finexbox to confirm that the transaction has gone through and marked under the status column as Complete.

Once confirmed, click on the FINEXBOX logo, which will then take you to the payers’ page, i.e. ETH, LTC and USDT.

Click on the one that you would like to exchange with your Ubricoin.

Fill in your selling price on the Sell UBN dialog box. Then add the number of UBNs you are selling.

Click on Sell.


As you can imagine, it does not get easier than that.


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It’s time to embrace blockchain and buy coins

A percentage of the world’s population are against the blockchain technology. however, it is getting approval from many world leaders. Countries like France, Singapore, Holland, Japan, German and Canada just to name a few have given it a thumbs up. The individuals who are still not accepting the technology are worried of the risks involved. The Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge once said the government would not be held responsible for losses by consumers using digital currencies.

President Uhuru Kenyatta however approved the technology and expressed his optimism on the opportunities that the technology would bring. During the Africa Digital Symposium held in Nairobi in February 2018 he said, “We need to better understand opportunities for blockchain technology, the risks of cybersecurity and the education and skills that our young people will need to make new technology work for them.”

As a result, the Distributed Ledgers and Artificial Intelligence task force was formed. Its main mandate is to look into opportunities available in the blockchain technology. They gave recommendations in their report and one of recommendations was that Kenya should replace cash with digital currency. More public education is however needed to understand and know how to avoid the risks involved especially on trading.

Ubrica has a goal to decentralize healthcare not just in Kenya but globally. This means you can get quality and affordable healthcare from anywhere in the world. With this in mind they built Ubricoin (UBN) on blockchain technology that gives you the power to pay for health services without third-party involvement like the banks.

It’s time to start buying the coins because time is coming when that will be the best and quickest way to pay for healthcare globally. To buy Ubricoins (UBNs), go to you will get further instructions on how to create a wallet and buy the coins. Be part of the digital currency revolution. Don’t be left behind.

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As you can imagine, with changing technology comes the opportunity to do different things in a different way. It is a constant cycle of learning. This article aims to educate cryptomaniacs on how to purchase the piece of technology that has been creating a buzz in Nairobi, Ubricoin.

The preferred platform for purchases is Mpesa. A mobile money platform that has revolutionized mobile banking and cash transactions in the country. To purchase ubricoin, follow the following steps closely.

Click on Mpesa

Select Lipa na Mpesa

Select Buy Goods and Services

Till number 599019

Amount Ksh100 or more

On receiving your Mpesa transaction message, forward the message as is to the phone number,
0755 844 017.

Following the confirmation of a successful transaction, a customer care representative will reach out to you to obtain your wallet address. UBNs worth the amount paid, will be sent to your wallet address. It is therefore important to note that you will need to open an ERC20 compatible wallet. Namely Trust wallet, Coinomi wallet and Metamask before the transactions can go through. Now be among scores of Ubricoin holders.


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Ubricoin was nothing short of a happy accident. Like most great discoveries, Ubricoin was a product of necessity. Before Ubricoin was developed, the developers were working on another project that could not be further away from crypto. The project was Soko Janja, an online market place that would give farmers, artisans and other neglected tradesmen a platform to sell goods directly to consumers thus cutting out the middleman. Intermediaries have been a thorn in our economy since time immemorial, which is a problem that every honest producer of goods and services has had to cope with.

Soko Janja therefore came in to save the producers and to put a knife through the heart of the beast. This however came with a few unforeseen challenges, one of which was mode of payment. Major banks declined to offer their services because the origin of Soko Janja was simply in an unsupported region. This forced Soko Janja founders to go looking for the next best option, which happened to be Bitcoin, a crypto currency. Due to its lack of a regulatory body, the integration with Bitcoin was seamless. However, Bitcoins value is off the charts and so very few people can manage to acquire Bitcoin, especially grassroots business people. That is when Soko Janja founders decided to develop their own crypto currency, to act as a mode of payment in the platform. So forth came Ubricoin.

Ubricoin has now diversified and is a champion for global health and economic prosperity. In addition to facilitating direct transactions through Soko Janja, Ubricoin strives to fund research in medicine, build state of the art research facilities and building medical facilities that will humble medical bills while improving medical services. For access to this world full of wealth of all shapes and forms, you have to hold the futuristic currency that will enable you to enjoy these services. Ubricoins value is now at Ksh100, the equivalent of $1. Buy now to enjoy later.


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If you have bought your Ubricoin and are wondering what you are supposed to do with it, worry no more. I am here to shed light on that.
Incase you still have not bought your Ubricoin, here is a link that explains how to do that.

Ubricoin, upon sale completion will be the standard payment for health services in the country and perhaps the world. What this means is that, like any other currency, Ubricoin will be a convenient mode of payment that will ensure no third party, transaction free and corruption free for everyone and anyone that wishes to access medical services.

Using Ubricoin will enable it’s holders to pay for goods and services using the coin without incurring charges from exchange rates. No middlemen or organisations will be involved in validating your transactions. As such Ubricoin holders will be able to participate in all Ubrica projects, including Soko Janja, an online retail space, to purchase local products.
Use of Ubricoin for financial transactions shall be rewarded as well.
Buying from local suppliers and manufacturers on SokoJanja will attract rewards.

On issues adaptability, the currency will have to work along with a value chain. A value chain comprises of exchange of items for Ubricoin. For example, You will be able to pay for hotel services, or any other service for that matter, using Ubricoin available in your wallet.

Ubricoin is a utility token. And what that means is that a utility token gives you access to products and services. Once you are a Ubricoin holder, you are subject to access to Ubrica’s ecosystem. Ubrica will issue tokens for development of it’s projects and that will allow the token holders to access different Ubrica products and services in future. Token holders will get medical services at URCCs without paying physical cash.

The eventuality of Ubricoin is that, it will appraise in value. Just like common stock does. Then, Ubricoin will be regarded as an investment instrument. That is to mean that the more coins you own, the more value you have of them. The power for crypto-currency to increase in value (as Bitcoin did), puts it in comparison with precious metals. In the same way, the coin will serve as store of value. It is projected that in the near future, people will be trading Ubricoin at international exchanges and using the coin international. The exchanges are currently going on in Kenya.

Ubricoin will facilitate the creation of an incentive program to reward excellence in education, research and practice. The coin will develop the health industry to create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution towards health improvement around the world. Educators at all levels of education, researchers and practitioners at all levels will receive reward for excellence, quality of work and positive contribution to society.

Ubricoin will build financial incentives for traditionally marginalised hard working people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Indigenous knowledge and overall knowledgeable input shall be rewarded. Ubrica through Ubricoin shall improve quality of medical services by supporting design, development and science and technology parks, (STPs) adjacent to all universities in Kenya. The STPs will promote translation and commercialisation of university and community knowledge. This will bring to being new knowledge technologies and services that are of great quality. And that all, shall be rewarded.

Like Dr.Macharia, The CEO of Ubrica once said, “Buy Ubricoin and have access to universal health and Ubrica’s ecosystem. Be part of the solution to drive corruption out of the country and enjoy learning new style of governance.”


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Before I take you through how you can buy Ubricoin, it is important that you understand that anyone can buy Ubricoin, both publicly and privately. It is legal and very accepted. However. the private sale is what is currently ongoing.

During the private sale a white list of participants is developed. You can only be white listed after you have opened an ethereum wallet as explained in the link below.

The best way to buy Ubricoin is to participate in it’s sale. The coin sale is issued on Ethereum blockchain with an ERC20 contract. It is why you need to have an Ethereum wallet and some Ethers in your wallet to buy Ubricoin.

Mpesa is very convinient a way to make your purchase. Mpesa involves an Android or iPhone device so below is a clearly laid out way on how to do that.

In order to receive your UBN, you must install an ERC20 compatible wallet on your smart phone. Multicoin Coinomi wallet or Trust-ERC20 wallet are recommended.
Find any of these wallets in your Android Play Store or IOS App Store:

  • Download and Install Coinomi or Trust ERC20 Wallet to your smart phone . [Follow instructions for installing wallet very carefully.]
  • Click on Wallet app.
  • Once app is open, click, Create New Wallet. After clicking create new wallet, the app will give you a 12 word Seed Phrase.
  • Click Next.
  • Create a password for your new Wallet.
  • By doing so, you have completed to create your wallet.
  • Get your Wallet Address, also known as, Public Key.
  • Follow instructions for installing wallet very carefully.
  • Once you have completed this procedure, send your public key (i.e., Ethereum wallet address) information to +254 755 844 017

Follow the steps below to get UBN:

  • Send money to MPESA TILL NUMBER 599019.
  • One Ubricoin = KSh 100
  • Forward MPesa transaction message to Tel: +254 755 844 017
  • UBNs will be sent to your Wallet Address

Follow these easy steps from the convinience of your smart phone and be a glance away from monetary freedom.


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A fully decentralized business model needs both a decentralized infrastructure and a decentralized decision making. Every user in a decentralized network becomes the owner of the network too. Blockchain facilitates the inclusion of fringe stakeholders to position of salience at the core of decision making. In healthcare today decision making is completely centralized. Decisions are made at international level. The current centralized system does not accommodate the fridge stakeholders in decision making.

Blockchain aims at changing the external environment by including the distant voices from the fringe stakeholders who are most of times neglected in our societies. This will help us understand the concerns of distant and diverse stakeholders. Including the fringe stakeholders, allows Ubrica to understand the complex and evolving issues that may potentially affect the basis of its future and addressing them.


Ubricoin is built on Ethereum blockchain, with an ERC20 protocol. Ethereum is a decentralised platform that runs smart contracts. Now, to be at a position to purchase Ubricoin you will require a wallet.

What is a wallet?
A wallet is a medium (physical), program or service which stores public and/or private keys used to track ownership, receive and spend cryptocurrency. A public key allows for other wallets to make payments or transactions to the wallet’s address while the private keys enable the spending of cryptocurrency from your own address.

Cryptocurrency wallets are grouped into two types.
1. Online or cloud based wallets
2. Software on a computer or a mobile device.
3. Hardware with external device.
What this means is that, you can have a wallet on your android or iPhone or on your desktop/computer.

Noteworthy, there are anumber of compatible wallets that accept ERC20 contract. The compatible wallets include:

  1. MyEtherWallet-Online wallet
  2. Metamask- Works with Chrome and Firefox
  3. Mist- Desktop application.
  4. Parity- a desktop application
  5. ImToken- Android phone and iPhones.
  6. Trust wallet- Android phone and Apple iPhone
  7. Coinomi wallets- Android phones and iPhones.
  8. Trezor- Connects to PS through USB
  9. Ledger Nanos-Connects to PS through USB

It is highly recommended that you use MyEtherWallet if you chose to have your wallet online and Mist for your desktop wallet.

How do you go about activating your MyEtherWallet, you may ask. Below is a step by step guide.

To install MyEtherWallet complete the following steps

  1. Go to You will see several safety reminders. Be sure to read all of them.
  2. Create a strong password that includes a combination of letters, symbols and numbers and write it down and if possible make several copies and keep them safe. Its good to note that with blockchain you don’t have an option of requesting for a password reset.
  3. Click on Create New Account.
  4. Save your private key. The next step is to download save and store your Keystore file, there can never be too much safety in cryptocurrency. You don’t want someone stealing your money because they know your Keystore file. Make sure you put it in a very secure location.
  5. Unlock your Wallet. Use your private key or Keystore file to unlock your wallet: Copy and paste the key or upload it to unlock your wallet.
  6. Use your Wallet to buy Ubricoins. Your Wallet is now fully functional. Load your wallet up with some Ether. If you already hold some, send them to your public address, it makes it easy to buy ether through coin base.
  7. Next time you want to access the Wallet, go to click view wallet info and use your key to unlock it. Remember that you will need your private Key to buy coins.

Easy! Right? Well, by so doing you are open to the many possibilities that come with Ubricoin ownership. Open your wallet today, buy Ubricoins and start your journey into a sustainable healthy life.


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Trading and gambling have similarities due to the high risk associated with them. However, trading cannot be further away from this assumption. Whereas gambling purely relies on luck and chance, trading does have a science to it. It is simply identifying the off-peak and peak of a cryptocurrency’s price or a company’s stock price. By observing these patterns, a good trader is able to predict these split second moments where the price drops drastically and take this chance to buy. A trader will then sell when the price rises significantly, or when they feel they have gotten value for their money. Buy low sell high, Steve (2016). By observing these trends, anyone can be a trader.

Crypto trading has a few differences from trading in stock. For one, cryptocurrency prices are always on an upward trajectory. Meaning that even though in between there are minute drops and hikes in price, the price of cryptocurrency, eventually must rise. This is due to the lack of regulation. That same reason brings out the difference in stock trading because, due to regulation, the stock price can rise and fall but there are boundaries that it can’t break going upwards. The other difference is that it is hard to get clearance to trade in the international stock market, plus a required minimum account balance or opening balance depending on the exchanges. For crypto, you simply start with what you have, and so you can just buy the crypto you can afford.

Swing trading and day trading, are terms used regularly in trading. Basically, Swing trading is buying and selling that occurs within minutes or even seconds, depending on how fast the variations in price happens in the exchanges. Day trading on the other hand is buying today and selling some other day depending again on price. Others especially hedge funds and venture capitals may take a longer-term approach in this but the determinant is the same, price.

Cryptocurrency therefore becomes the least volatile product to hold in the market, because of its ability to gain immense value, with few or no factors to consider. If you place your money on any crypto today, you stand to earn up to a hundred fold in the next decade. I guess you already know that I am about to suggest that you do just that and start by acquiring Ubricoin.


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Steve Schaefer. (2016).10 things you absolutely need to know about stock.


In Kenya, buying and selling of land is very popular among the baby boomers. Most of the transactions are successful and free of any encumbrances. However, there are cases where people have been defrauded. Implementation of blockchain in real estate could help prevent problems like fraud because data can easily be verified on the blockchain and nobody can tamper with it. If the data is registered on blockchain, the purchaser can be able to verify the details he or she requires. The data will include the land registration number, title deed, the vendor’s personal details and clearances among others which will ease the process of due diligence before any purchase.

 The rise of blockchain is set to disrupt many industries in the world, real estate being one of them. One advantage that the blockchain technology holds for the real estate industry is that it is a fast process. On a normal occasion, these transactions can take up to 90 days, but with blockchain, as long as the parties have agreed on the terms of the agreement, it can be done in a matter of minutes.

 Blockchain transactions are easier because they are peer to peer transactions. The blockchain will seek to eliminate third parties by using a smart contract protocol. A smart contract is a computerized transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract and facilitates all steps of contracting process (Szabo, 1994). Computer program enforces a contract between two or more parties. It executes the rules when all conditions are met.

Smart contracts are built on blockchain and inherits blockchain property (i.e., immutable, distributed and decentralized providing digital security). Smart contracts are self-executing. They eliminate the third party by solving issues in a way that does not require trust and remove human judgment. The smart contract facilitates, verifies and enforces negotiations by implementing deterministic rules through a logic in a computer code (Buterin, 2012).

Smart contracts help to exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman. Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations.

Land  registration in Kenya will become far much easier on the blockchain. In a recent transaction, owners of a certain plot of land in Kiambu county opted to register their transaction land on blockchain. That piece of land valued 300 million Kenya shillings changed hands for 3 million UBN, and crypto-currency built on ethereum blockchain. This exchange of value generated a Transaction Hash, that serves both as a receipt of the proceeds of sale and a permanent record of the transaction (i.e. Title Deed).  The Transaction Hash reported the status of the transaction as Success. Transaction Hash also shows the number of confirmations it took to validate the transactions so that it may be added to a Block, which will be attached to earlier blocks on the chain. The Timestamp records the exact time of the transaction and many more details. 

A transaction record generated on blockchain will rapidly replace government generated records such as title deeds for lands. The blockchain technology is here to change the world. It is going to make work easier in many industries. We are lucky to be among the first people to embrace this technology and benefit from it.