Co-operative Society of Ubricans

The Cooperative Society Involvement in Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth and Development and Quality Health Care to Its Members through the Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers

Fiona Njogu


The co-operative movement in Kenya is an important player in the socio-economic development of Kenya. Co-operatives cut across all sectors of the economy and provide an important framework for mobilization of both human and capital resources. With a membership of over 8 million in 13,000 registered co-operative societies, the SACCO sub sector, in particular, has mobilized over Ksh 230 billion. Co-operatives play an important role in the achievement of Kenya vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development goals. Co-operatives are real agents of transformation because they are problem-solving, people-owned organizations. In terms of percentage of a country’s GDP attributable to cooperatives, the proportion is highest in Kenya at 45%.  Against this backdrop UBRICA has established the need to actively participate in this cooperative society movement. This report seeks to explore the means through which the Cooperative Society of Ubricans (CSU) can actively be involved in achieving economic growth and development and quality health care to its members through the UBRICA Retail Clinical Centers.

Cooperative Society of Ubricans and the URCC Interdependence

The Cooperative Society of Ubricans’ overall goal is to empower the local community as well as act as a vessel through which the people can secure quality health care. The UBRICA Retail Clinical Centers (URCC) provides a unique platform of bringing the local community together, not only will they be areas of health and wholeness but a hub for networking and building social links and relationships, hence every aspect of man shall be catered for.

The URCC shall comprise of four elements they include the human health, animal health, environmental health and all these shall be webbed together with the fourth element, which is, economic health (Waruingi, 2016). These elements mesh together to produce an unabridged unit. The elements integrated together make a Sustainable One Health Society.


The URCC shall be sustained by the monies the local community shall contribute to the Cooperative Society, the two bodies shall be interdependent of each other. The local community shall be encouraged to join the cooperative society. Through saving in the cooperative society, the members shall have access to the medical services the clinics shall offer.  A portion of their savings shall go into their personal health fund kit, which will enable them get treatment through a no charge policy at the time of treatment. Not only will they save but they shall have the power to borrow three times their savings with a set interest per month on a reducing balance. The borrowed monies/loans can then be routed towards paying school fees, starting new businesses, purchasing new equipment for their already existing businesses and/or restocking products in their businesses.

Many local communities in Kenya are geared towards producing a certain type of natural products that include but are not limited to milk, meat, hides and skins, vegetables, fruits, fish, timber and sand. The URCC shall contain cooperative workshops within which quality value addition can be practiced. Modern science is crucial to the economic development of a people (Economic Development, 2016). Therefore, the workshops shall in cooperate innovative techniques and procedures of adding value to the products the people produce. The local community could be endowed with an immense capacity of scientific knowledge on how to add value to their products, with the help of the practitioners working in the URCC this knowledge could be refined and translated into actual high-end products which can then be exported to fetch its member’s foreign exchange.

Economic development of a people gives them greater purchasing power, greater decision making capacities and a general sense of self-independence. Moreover, the consumption patterns of its members shall change, they shall no longer have to spend the majority of their income on food and other necessities. Instead they shall spend a small fraction of their income on necessities and the remaining large fraction on consumer items that pertain to leisure activities, for example taking time off to go on vacations and purchase costly material effects.

Economic growth and development is by far the greatest cause of improvement in health. It is the glue that holds together the human, animal and environmental elements existent in a one health community. For sustainability of the entire community to be achieved, the local economy must be growth-oriented. In the long-term the Cooperative Society of Ubricans shall contribute immensely to the gross national product of the nation of Kenya this is because its numerous members shall have an increased per capita income. This is realized through people having a solid source of income and a savings culture and mentality.

The CSU shall also be used as a passageway through which is members can export their ready made products. The cooperative can identify a ready external market and make all the arrangements for export. The monies accrued from these exports shall go into the savings accounts of the members. A small portion will then be deducted from their savings account and go into their personal health fund kit which they can get quality health care from the clinics. The CSU shall also organize for franchising to get loans from the cooperative for the people to own the franchised Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers.


The Cooperative Society of Ubricans shall manage the entire unit of Sustainable One-Health Center. The URCC’s distinctive nature of delivering quality health care will impact the lives of the people in an all-encompassing way. The overall welfare of the people, animals and environment shall improve, this is because a sustainability-oriented approach of implementation shall be the status quo of the one health community. The Cooperative Society of Ubricans is a movement that shall shape and have massive effect on the realities of numerous local people.


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