Mt. Longonot Climb: Soul Searching Epiphany Journey for Universal Health


Our soul searching epiphany journey is a quest for universal health involving reflecting on our lives to collectively discover and bring profound understanding (breakthroughs). Epiphany is a moment when you suddenly know you understand something or become conscious of something that is very important to your life. Epiphanies do not come from the mind. They come from the soul with the goal of moving from knowledge (information) to understanding (awareness).

Our February search takes us to Mt. Longonot in Nakuru county Kenya.

Breakthroughs are the products of work of the soul, the mind and the body working together. When breakthroughs occur,  we begin to see something in a different light.

Quest for Universal Health

Our quest involves an African mountains climb-a-thon. We intend to climb a mountain a month to helps us achieve epiphany for universal health. The climb-a-thon will bring people from all over the nation and the world.  Together will seek to understand universal health, and seek answers on what it will take to achieve it.


  • Our health system is broken and does no work
  • Our people die from diseases that others have known how to cure for centuries
  • Our women die just because they get pregnant
  • Children die just because they are born
  • Our hospitals do not have supplies
  • Our medical professionals are frustrated
  • Our nurses and our doctors are in recurrent strikes. As soon as one group is done the other one picks up the strike

These problems indicate that

  • We do not know health
  • We do not produce health
  • We do not make health
  • We do not have health

Therefore, we cannot provide health, for no one can provide something s/he doesn’t have not have.


What is health?

  • How do we produce it?
  • How do we make it?
  • How do we have it?
  • How do we provide it?


To find answers to the question we have to go on a collective soul searching journey to seek the answers together, collectively as a nation.

We must gain insight into the five levels of universal health:

  • individual health,
  • family health,
  • community health,
  • nation health, and
  • global health.

We embark on an epiphany journey which will involve climbing a mountain a month for until we find the answer to the question. Together we get to understand universal health.

Calendar of the Climb-a-thon

Date Mountain Location Elevation (M)
January 27, 2018 Ngong Hills Kajiado 2,460
February 17, 2018 Mt. Longonot Nakuru 2,776
March 24, 2018 Mt. Kilimambogo Machakos 2,145
April 21, 2018 Mt. Kenya Nyeri 5,119
May 26, 2018 Mt. Lesatima Nyandarua 4,001
June 23, 2018 Mt. Suswa Nakuru 2,356
July 28, 2018 Mt. Marsabit Marsabit 1,707
August 25, 2018 Mt. Korosi Baringo 1,446
September 29, 2018 Mt. Menengai Nyandarua 2,278
October 27, 2018 Mt. Homa Homabay 1,751
November 24, 2018 Loroghi Hills Maralal 2,580
December 29, 2018 Mt. Elgon Kenya-Uganda border 4,321



  • Kenyan Residents KSh. 6,000
  • East African Residents KSh. 7,000
  • Non Residents KSh. 10,000


  • Transport to and fro
  • Entrance fees
  • Armed guide fee
  • 2 bottles of water (500ml) + cookies
  • Lunch (Mbuzi Choma)
  • Photography
  • T-Shirt
  • Cap


Aerobics before and after the hike

  • Hiking
  • Swimming (optional and self-sponsored)
  • Fun games and team building
  • Photography
  • Nature walks


  • Additional drinking water
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • ID/Passport
  • Swimming costumes


  • Casual slacks or cargo pants
  • Comfy hiking shoes
  • No skirts
  • Light and warm clothing

Are you ready for the mountain?

Sign up now! Please write to Grace Njeri Kariuki at grace.njeri, or call, +254 755 844 017, or + 1 404 395 6906

Ubrica Live Mothers Live Babies Team

NB.  Mt. Kenya in April 19 – 23, 2018! Mt. Kenya requires rigorous training.

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