Ngong Hills Climb: Soul Searching Epiphany Journey for Universal Health

Insight from Ngong

Ngong Hills Climb took place Saturday, January 27, 2018.

We will achieve universal health by paying the right price for the things that women produce, and for services provided by women. We shall not achieve global health if we continue to exploit women by paying very low prices for the products of their labor.

Middlemen and brokers who buy goods produced by women at dirt cheap prices exploit them, ultimately driving them to extreme poverty.

When impoverished, a woman cannot take care of biological needs to maintain strong body that can carry pregnancy to term. Many women die during pregnancy because they do not have money to buy things that would help them improve the strength of their body, or money to go to the clinic for checkup.

If the woman with a weak body, survives pregnancy, she definitely will produce a weak baby. Weak babies have limited chance of survival to their first birthday. Children born weak, to women with little or no money are highly likely to die before age 5.

We will change all this by making sure that every woman is paid the right price for her work. We will will change all this by helping women have direct access to the market where they can sell their products directly without brokers and middlemen.

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Longonot next. February 17, 2018


Bishop Shisumu McKenzie

Thanks for the Insight.

I have always told women never to liken themselves to men.

Women are something; they are wired differently. Give them a sperm they give you a child. Given them a house they make a home. Given them  seed money they create the empire of business. The list goes on and on.

They can multitask. God took special time to create them; the softest thing you can have in your life. We must preserve them. Protect them.

We must have good healthcare for them. God gives them life, they carry life 9 months. Bring forth live babies; keeps them live until we have generations, what else do you want me to say? So much we can’t finish.




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