Science and Technology Parks

A science and technology park, (also known as a research park) is a property based development that fosters the growth of tenant firms and are affiliated with a higher institution of learning. The purpose is to facilitate sharing of knowledge, promote innovation and advance research to viable commercial products. Science and technology parks aim to bring together people who assist the developers of technology to bring their work to commercial fruition.

Ubrica will facilitate design, development and implementation of 66 Science and Technology Parks (STPs) for Kenyan universities. We will also provide STP Development and Management Service through our Scientific Real Estate Development Division (SREDD). The Science and Technology Park Development and Management Service will involve setting out the strategy and objectives of the 66 new parks and deciding on the best model for implementation. SREDD will manage many complex processes and diverse relationships.

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About Ubrica

Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa

We are a life science and health production  (LSHP) organization. We sponsor investments in life science comprising pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and fully integrated health production by building sustainable one health communities involving people co-operating in a retail network combined with health delivery system. In addition, we sponsor investments in specialized real estate for life science and health production.

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