Blockchains are ideal for storing highly sensitive, personal data which, when smartly processed, can unlock so much value and convenience in our lives. Think of smart healthcare systems that make accurate diagnoses based on our medical scans and records.

We need artificial intelligence (AI) for global health. Blockchain gathers intelligent data about nutrition, health, and diseases. Such data would help us develop:

  • Smart community health decision support system
  • Smart Public health decision support system
  • Smart clinical decision support systems

The implication of artificial intelligence will include:

  • Early disease detection algorithm built on International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
  • Health and diseases monitoring
  • Effect and impact evaluation of health programs

Blockchain records decisions on a datapoint-by-datapoint basis. Decisions so recorded are far simpler to audit and difficult to tamper. Blockchain and AI are two technological trends which, while ground-breaking in their own rights, have the potential to become even more revolutionary when put together. Each enhances the other. Jointly, they offer opportunity for better oversight and accountability.


We are a life-science and health production (LSHP) organization. We sponsor investments in life science, comprising pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturing, and fully integrated health production by building sustainable one-health communities involving people co-operating in a retail network combined with health delivery system. In addition, we sponsor investments in specialized real estate for life science and health production. Our primary focus is African countries.

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