ubricoin for soko janja and universal health

Our goal is to bring blockchain technology into Lifescience and health services financing in Africa. We believe that blockchain technology will ensure access to universal health. Cryptocurrency, built on block chain will help us achieve financing global health, where paying both with fiat and cryptocurrencies will be possible. Block chain technologies will simplify Lifescience and health business processes. It will help create platforms for funding Lifescience research and development, generic drugs manufacturing and health services delivery. Ubricoin will work as the gateway to the biomedical world which includes Soko Janja, health services, science and technology parks and biomedical city.


We have created an online retail store known as soko Janja [shop.ubricas.com] to help operationalize wealth creation by each individual in any given community. Enrolled members will participate in posting pictures of their produce, products and services to soko Janja online market place. People from all over the world can view and order posted produce products and services. A small fraction of revenues from items posted on soko Janja will be applied to a health fund. Ubrica will expand its capability to host future worthy Lifescience and health blockchain projects and spinoffs. By creating our coin as a payment gateway at the point of sale for the retailers we will introduce cryptocurrencies to a wider public. As a POS system Ubricoin will accept payments in fiat currency, electronic money, and third party mobile wallet solutions. Users will realize most benefit by using Ubricoin mobile wallet directly. These direct transactions do not incur any fees, and every purchase is also rewarded within our loyalty program.


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