What are the advantages of Ubricoin?

Ubricoin is a cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer, decentralized, system designed to allow online users to process transactions through digital units from anywhere and anytime.

No Third-party Interruptions
It is a peer-to-peer transaction. Banks, Governments and other financial intermediaries can not interrupt user transactions or place freezes on Ubricoin accounts.

Low Transaction Fees
Ubricoin transactions have no intermediary institutions or government involvement, the costs of transacting are kept very low.

Global Mobile Payments
Ubricoin users can pay for their coins from anywhere they have Internet access. You never have to travel to a bank or a store to buy a product.

Purchases Are Not Taxed
One of the major advantages of Ubricoin is that sales taxes are not added onto any purchases.
Since there is no way for third parties to identify, track or intercept transactions.

Individual holders of Ubricoin will receive a smart contract to use health services at the URCC at the time of need.

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