Ubrica project aims at promoting life science and health production and achieving global health. To achieve this Ubrica has three major pillars:

(a) Smart contract pillar which addresses the quality of care

(b) Human engagement pillar which addresses the affordability of care

(c) Projects pillar which addresses the availability or access of healthcare

These three pillars address the three major health care issues which include accessibility/ availability, affordability and quality of care

The Smart Contracts

This involves the use of blockchain technology to support the Ubrica project. Ubrica smart contracts will facilitate, verify, negotiate and conclude contracts between individuals and their contracting party. Using the cryprocurrency principle we will create a crypto-currency program. The program involves creating incentive programs to reward excellence in education, research and practice. We shall reward the use of Ubricoin for financial transactions in everyday practice and people who will buy from local suppliers and manufacturers on Soko Janja. Rewards will help to create incentives for quality in education, research and practice in developing world. The incentives will act in improving the quality of medical and health care.

Human Engagement

Human engagement is the most critical element in the success of any project. It involves engaging people at their basic level of existence. At Ubrica we use this pillar to engage local community to discover how we can work with them to create wealth. We create wealth to facilitate access of healthcare. To enhance this we have created an online retail store known as Soko Janja (http://shop.ubrica.com/) where local manufacturers/ producers can post their products, produce and services. Through Soko Janja we are able to activate the village level commerce and help our people create wealth to access health.

We will also use the blockchain technology to enroll members of Soko Janja in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called Cooperative Society of Ubricans (CSU). With the DAO we will be able to create a Pooled smart contract where a small amount of the proceeds from the sale in Soko Sanja will be set aside as a health fund to access healthcare in the clinics. The smart contract will cover preventive and curative services for the holder by the contract. Pooled smart contract will recreate a super smart contract (SSC) that will act as health risk pooling.

The project pillar

This pillar involves building Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs), Science and Technology Parks (STPs) and Biomedical Industry City (BMICs).  Ubrica propose to support the design, development, construction and management of the three projects. Ubrica will use Ubricoin to support these project in making healthcare accessible and of good quality.

Final Thought

Health care needs a holistic approach making sure all elements of access and affordability and lack the quality of care, critical to achieving global health are considered. We cannot claim to have achieved global health with only one of these elements. Global health solution should aim at ensuring that people have access to health services of high quality and ensuring that these services do not expose the user to financial hardship. Ubrica and blockchain technology offers this solution. We are looking at a future where health care will be affordable to all, accessible to all and most importantly of the highest quality possible.


Susan N. Njuguna.

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