In crypto-currency lingo, we have tokens and coins. Explain if it means the same and if not a detailed description of each and use case scenario.

Tokens and coins mean the same thing. The term coin indicates cryptocurrency as aspect of the token. That is when the token operates as cash. Ubricoin is an ERC20 utility token, built on Ethereum blockchain protocol. As an ERC20 token Ubricoin is a distributed application that operates as (a) crypto-currency, in which case we can call it a coin (just a name), and (b) a utility token in Ubrica ecosystem. As a utility token, Ubricoin is not an equity instrument such as a share of common stock. A utility token gives you access to products and services. A Ubricoin represents future access to Ubrica ecosystem. There are two types of utility tokens: (a) digital coupons, and (b) tokens that provide users with access to its decentralized forum (i.e., products on Soko Janja, health services acting as health insurance). Ubrica will issue tokens for development of its projects and this allows the token holders to access different Ubrica   products or services in future. Participants in the Ubrican community can buy the token and use them to access
Ubrica services, products and produce. The main purpose is to get access to the Ubrica ecosystem, but not to gain profits or dividends. Token holders will be enrolled on Soko Janja at no cost and get medical services at a URCCs without paying cash. The main value of the token is access to Ubrica’s proof of stake protocol tokenization platform.

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