What to consider when opening your Ethereum wallet to buy Ubricoin

Ubricon is built on Ethereum blockchain, with an ERC20 contract. You need to have an Ethereum wallet and some Ethers in your wallet to buy Ubricoin.

The following is a list of compatible wallets that accept ERC20 contract with their categories. This list is constantly changing with time.
> MyEtherWallet — online wallet
> Metamask — work with Chrome and Firefox
> Mist — desktop application
> Parity — a desktop application
> ImToken — Android phones and Apple iPhones

We recommend MyEtherWallet for an online wallet and Mist for a desktop wallet. You can also try to work with MetaMask which is also easy to work with.

Desktop wallets are considered more secure than online wallets and are highly recommended. For that we suggest official Ethereum wallet, Mist.

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