Advantages of Ubricoin to fiat currency?

As a crypto-currency, Ubricoin will operate just like fiat currency (e.g., dollar, Kenya shillings), but without intrinsic friction inherent in fiat currency. You can pay for goods and services with it without incurring charges from international exchange rates. Consensus by a network of computers all over the world verify transactions on Ethereum blockchain. As such, there are no middlemen, or organizations involved in validating transactions. Computer validation of transactions is by far, safer and inexpensive, because it does not incur costs such as human resources and fees that would be involved running transaction through a third party trusted human organization, say a bank. Furthermore, it is far easier to corrupt a human being than a computer. Humans are also prone to manipulating supply of money and prices in their favor. A programmed computer validation system helps to overcome problem associated with trusted third party human organizations.

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