In Nairobi Kenya there is a long stretch of road called Ngong road. And here you will find the best beautiful furniture production in the world on the road side. These are some of the photos of furniture you will find there.

These traders are road side sellers, meaning they sell their goods at places where other people pass by.

There are several advantages to this, one can easily see the furniture as you drive or walk by hence easily access to the goods.

We also know we can never control nature, weather changes (e.g., storms) can be of great disadvantage to them, fire break-outs such as the one that occurred on Tuesday 29th May, 2018, 8:00 pm, where property worth millions of shillings was lost, and nothing salvaged. Thieves can also be a menace factor.

Currently, the Ngong road is also under-going expansion, which has greatly affected the traders causing them to move further from the road or away to other areas of the city.

In-order to avoid all these problems, the traders can sell their goods online through SOKO JANJA.


Soko Janja is our online retail store. You can find it online through:

This retail store is created to market Kenyan products to the World.  Most products are imported from other countries and given more value over our local products.  Traders  can post pictures of their products on Soko Janja.  We help them market and sell their products once registered on the Soko.

Incentive for Shopping on Soko Janja

We have created a reward system to give incentives for shopping on Soko Janja. Consumers will receive Brevis airdrops from shopping on Soko Janja. Brevis airdrops are monetized loyalty points issuing from the point of sale on Soko Janja. Consumers can in turn use the loyalty points to shop for goods again.

We care about the traders and we wish to help them sell their products while also improving their living standard. That is why we want them also to join Co-operative Society of Ubricans.


This is a society that works with Kenyans in Kenya and in the Diaspora, uniting voluntarily to meet their common needs.

Here we help the member find market for their produce, products or services. In this case products made by the Ngong Rd traders.

We contact buyers in Kenya and Internationally to secure orders of the produce. There are simple steps to take to join this society, see below:


Attach a copy of your Identity Card (ID) or Passport.

Attach two (2) passport size photos.

Pay a non-refundable Membership Fee of KSh 100 to the Co-operative Society of Ubricans.

Pay a non-refundable Registration Fee of KSh 500 for processing this registration.

Purchase a minimum of 50 Non-Withdrawable CSU Shares at KSh 20 per share.

Save at least KSh 1000 every month.

For the US dollar account, one pays $60 registration fee

Then one should be saving $100 every month.

Terms and Conditions

Use CAPITAL LETTERS to complete the Application Form throughout.

Submit monthly savings regularly. Failure to submit monthly savings for three consecutive months will lead to suspension.

If suspended, pay KES 300 fine readmission fee.

Completely cease to be a member of the society for not saving for six (6) consecutive months.

Nominate in writing at least one person to whom, upon your death, your shares, money, deposits, interest or dividends shall be transferred or paid out.

Your nominee must provide irrefutable proof of your death to receive your shares, money, deposits, interest or dividends.

Give a 60-day notice if you wish to withdraw from Society.

You could withdraw from Society by selling or transferring your Shares (except the 50 Non-Withdrawable Cooperative Shares).

Upon withdrawal, Society will reimburse any monies due to you after deducting any liabilities to the Society as a borrower, guarantor, endorser or otherwise.

Pay KSh. 500 readmission fee, if you wish to return after withdrawal from Society.

Comply with all the By-Laws, Policies and Procedures of the Society.

Membership could be ceased by:

  • Death
  • Expulsion
  • Voluntary withdrawal
  • Bankruptcy

Benefits of joining the COOPERATIVE

You get a secure, fast, trusted and convenient platform of saving your money

You can save money over a long period of time until your needs arise

You are able to access loans a lot easier compared to other financial organizations

As a member you are entitled to getting a loan that is worth three times the value of your deposits

The interest charged on the loans is much than other financials organizations with similar services

You as an CSU member co-own the COOPERATIVE hence entitled to good dividend rates which are declared annually after audit

Due to its favorable dividend rates CSU is best when it comes to retirement saving plans

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