A disease in simpler terms is an illness or sickness. Diseases in Africa can be prevented by simple measures, starting with proper education. This is by educating people on ways and how they can stay healthy as well as on personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is about keeping mind and body healthy always and so have a healthy society.

Most diseases affect our women and children which form the most vulnerable class. Diseases like diarrhea, one of the deadliest diseases in Africa, claims many lives and is very common among the poorest people in our society. Diarrhea is the result of contaminated water, inadequate hygiene, poor sanitation, malnutrition. According to the World Health Organization [WHO], 2018) approximately 525,000 children under the age of five die each year from the disease.

We therefore see poor diet and inability to absorb proper nutrients as a contributing factor. Ubrica an organization located in Nairobi decided to help the community by taking a step.

 Ubrica, a life-science and health production organization has come up with ways to solve problems facing Africa, starting with Kenya. Ubrica is investing in life science which comprises of manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, health care clinics and hospitals in Africa.

Ubrica Reality of Dreams

Ubrica has created an online retail store market known as Soko Janja. We have observed how the local farmers and manufactures have been struggling to sell their produce faster to the market unsuccessfully. Lack of market has largely contributed to poverty in the Society and lack of proper medical attention. Soko Janja market has been created to sell produce from farmers and local manufacturers to the local and International market. Manufactures and farmers are now able to sell their products through our online market which has generated wealth to the people’s pockets and are now able to access good health care services and live healthy lives.

Malnutrition due to poverty, can now be eradicated easily once the society is able to afford to feed itself properly.

Ubrica wants the Mwananchi (ordinary people) to easily access retail stores and take their produce next to a processing factory within the same locality, while accessing a clinic center. This brings us to our next project pioneered by Ubrica.

UBRICA Meets the Community

Ubrica is venturing into Kenyan market with retail clinical centers distributed all over the country. This is a community project we call Ubrica Retail Clinical Centres (URCC). A URCC comprise a retail store, a clinic and a processing factory in one particular area.

Here we can see a farmer who produces mangoes at his farm, is able to display his mangoes in the retail store which will attract shoppers who will become clients in the clinic centres. The farmer is also able to take his produce to the factory for processing and packaging which shall be sold in the local or international market. All these within reachable location. This increase in industrialization will bring better sanitation while generating wealth for the community and so improve the living standards eradicating diseases which are caused by improper sanitation. Whenever people are able to produce, sell and receive money for their produce, this brings up a society that is emotionally and physically stable.

Ubrica health, not only does it want to improve lives of the local people but also focuses on how it can improve or better our health centres. It is of great significance to receive quality health care. Since the people are now wealthy and can afford the medical attention they need, it is paramount they receive the best care possible.

Ubrica Journal System

Ubrica Journal System was created with express purpose to educate the society on many facets of life. The journal system will host specific series on how to stay healthy and continue staying healthy. We are reaching out to all medical professionals in the country to write about their experiences in the hospitals, clinic or area of work at the hospitals. Doctors share their experiences with you through  the journals. The Journals will play a major role in our society, for the topics will vary from grand rounds, clinical-pathology meetings, case reports, anecdotes, original research works and monographs.

Since 2014, Ubrica has wanted a better Africa in life science and health care, let us now improve lives and lift the life of another (Michael Karuu, Ubrica-Vice President).

Ubrica cares for Africa for Kenya.



Jane Mbithe Jeremiah

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