UBRICOIN Blockchain Technology for Global Health Ensuring Universal Health Access for You and Your Loved Ones


We have developed Ubricoin on blockchain to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all. Ubricoin will help to achieve global health. We will use Ubricoin to develop global health industry and create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution to health improvement around the world. We will use a smart review system to reward consumers for positive health behavior. Educators at all levels of education, researchers, and practitioners at all levels, will receive rewards for excellence, quality of work, and positive contribution to society.

We believe in a future where everybody has access to best health products and services. We believe in great health that is easily accessible and affordable to all. We believe in a future of universal health access. We expect that Ubricoin will improve health related quality of life (QOL) and quality adjusted life years (QALY). In addition, we believe that Ubricoin will reduce the enormous burden of disease (BoD), particularly in the developing world, and eliminate years of life lost (YLL) due to disease.

1.1. Blockchain
Block chain is a technology that enables movement of digital assets such as Ubricoin (Waruing, 2018).  One of the problems that blockchain will solve is that of money transfer. Today, if a person A in United States wants to send money to person B in Kenya, he/she has to go to a trusted third party, say a bank. Person A in United States will deposit the money with the trusted third party, who in turn will identify and validate person B in Kenya. The trusted third party will then move the money to person B, after taking a fee. The process may take three or more days, sometimes a week.

Blockchain enables transfer of money without trusted third party, without delay and without fees. Blockchain enables people to move money directly to one another. Nakamoto (2008) referred to this method as peer-to-peer.

In a nutshell, blockchain moves money faster than three days. Indeed, it moves money immediately. Moving money on blockchain is cheaper; there is no third party collecting fees.

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