We will use Ubricoin to support design, development and implementation of Ubrica global health project. Ubrica project involves building world class capability for high quality life-science and health-production (LSHP) in the world. We will build a model physical project in Kenya. Ubrica project in Kenya will create a node for highly advanced biomedical research and development, and highest quality health care services. The project will ensure sufficient support for discovery of solutions to most vexing health problems in the world, particularly those emerging from the African continent, and other developing parts of the world.

Ubricoin will help gather intelligent data about health, nutrition information and diseases. Artificial intelligence will facilitate the presence of global health. Data gathered will help us develop, smart community health decision support system, smart public health decision support system and smart clinical decision support systems.

The implication of artificial intelligence will include:

  • Early disease detection algorithm built on International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
  • Health and diseases monitoring
  • Effect and impact evaluation of health programs
  • Improved data security, accuracy and speed of diagnosis

With blockchain technology we will create cash incentive tokens for supporting development of scientific products and the commercialization of the products in the online marketing and retail platform called Soko Janja. We will use Ubricoin to create incentives for research and development and commercialization of complete research products. This involves building world-class capacity for health and clinical research in African countries. It also involves research reporting through peer-to-peer reviewed papers by creating incentive token to the authors. This will lead to more people taking part in developing scientific work in Africa.

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