Hidden Treasure in Ubricoin

Good and accessible health is important to our society and the quality of service offered matters as well.

We at Ubrica, have created a cryptocurrency build on Ethereum blockchain which operates just like fiat currency, such as the U.S. dollar or the Kenya shilling.

As we plan projects like Soko Janja, our online retail store that activates village level commerce in service of health production, Ubrica One, the biomedical industrial city; Ubrica Retail Clinical Centres (URCC) to dispense health throughout the country, we have issued two billion Ubricoins for the URCC project. The two billion will be used for design, development and implementation of health delivery with clinical research system of highest caliber in the world.

Any provider of health concurring to use Ubricoin as a payment mode for service will receive Brevis loyalty and service quality tokens. Brevis are monetized loyalty points on Ubricoin that can be converted to currency. In addition, providers will receive direct feedback from consumers. Providers will be paid only for honest work.

Suppliers of products and services to the health system will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality tokens as they enjoy simplified payment system, while creating for the consumers increased access to health produce, products and services.

For those who regulate health services, they will have data based on real-time hence ensuring good governance, they in turn will also receive Brevis airdrops and services quality token as they receive direct feedback from consumers as well as updating them.

Non government organizations (NGO) and local government will delight in simplified data gathering for all their assessment reports. They will also receive Brevis airdrops and service quality token, during which they will be updating consumers and receiving their feedbacks as well.

For all data assessment, gathering assessment needs, implementing a project and future implementation, any organization concerned with Global health will have a painless structure of tracking diseases of global health concern and detecting diseases before widespread. They will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality tokens, while acquiring direct feedback from consumers. The providers will also reciprocate feedback to consumers.

We can now comprehend that Ubricoin is the gateway to access good available health services of the highest quality in the health system while depositing treasure in the pockets of those who bring achievement in our community.  


Jane M. Jeremiah

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