A fully decentralized business needs both a decentralized infrastructure and a decentralized decision making. Every user in this network becomes the owner of the network too.  Blockchain facilitate the inclusion of fringe stakeholders to position of salience at the core of decision making.

We will use blockchain to facilitate meaningful interactions among peers working together in Ubrica ecosystem. To start, Ubricoin will facilitate point of sale payment system for Ubrica’s e-commerce platform (sokojanja.com). Ubricoin will reduce friction of currency in the trade and facilitate real time transfer of cash. Ubricoin will also act as the escrow to protect its members from fraud by eliminating middlemen who usually do not provide value for money.

Blockchain aims at changing the external environment by including the distant voices from the fringe stakeholders who are most of times neglected in our societies. This will help us understand the concerns of distant and diverse stakeholders. Including the fringe stakeholders allows Ubrica to understand the complex and evolving issues that may potentially affect the basis of its future and addressing them.

Ubricoin gives us an opportunity to build an incentive structure for goodwill and excellence. We will therefore focus on giving incentives to traditionally marginalized hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

Ubricoin is a blockchain built on Ethereum protocol. It is a peer-to-peer utility token that will give incentives to anyone in the world to facilitate global health.  We will use Ubricoin to create platforms to support lifescience research and development, generic drugs manufacturing and health services delivery. Ubricoin will be the gateway to the biomedical world which comprises Soko Janja, health services delivery, science and technology parks and biomedical industrial city.  Ubricoin will expand Ubrica’s capability to host future worthy lifescience and health blockchain projects and spinoffs.


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