Briefly, our human engagement pillar involves engaging people at their basic level of existence to discover how we can work with them to create wealth. Members engaged will enter into a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) known as the Co-operative Society of Ubricans (CSU). We have created an online retail store known as Soko Janja (see, shop.ubrica.com) where members can buy and sell produce, products, and services.
Ubrica project comprises three distinct scientific real estate projects: a series of world class health centers, university science and technology parks, and a biomedical industrial city in Kenya. These projects will be the rationale for issuing of the UBNs. We will sell the coins project-wise with each project taking four phases: private sale, presale, crowdsale and an initial coin offering.
3.3.1. Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers
We intend to construct at least 100 health centers that will be leased to qualifying health professionals on 20 year mortgage agreement.
3.3.2. University Science and Technology Parks
We will facilitate design, development and implementation of 66 Science and Technology Parks (STPs) for universities.
3.3.3. Biomedical Industrial City
We propose to implement Biomedical Industrial City in Kenya, known as Ubrica One. Ubrica one project is planned and designed to meet the full range of health needs, including curative and preventive services, of those residing and working in the Medical City as well as those visiting the Medical City for medical tourism and other purposes


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