4.1.1.Incentives for high quality knowledge in primary and secondary schools

For primary school and high school teachers, we will create a rating system on blockchain to reward excellence in practice. We will issue Brevis to teachers who demonstrate commitment and dedication to student learning. The students will use the system to rate their teachers and the rating points will convert to Brevises. The rating system will be embodied on teachers’ class attendance, quality of teaching and engaging students in practical work.

4.1.2.         Incentives for high quality knowledge in University

University lecturers/ professors will be rewarded for demonstrating quality knowledge transfer to their students. This will be done through the rating system where the students will rate their professors based on the knowledge gained and their satisfaction on the content delivered. Brevis will be issued based on a rating system, with those with good rating receiving the tokens.

We will also offer incentives for lecturers who will develop original proposal and peer reviewed papers. To encourage sharing of research work we will offer incentives to people who present their original research in conferences and commercialization their research. We will reward lecturers and professors who shows interest and commitment in reviewing of research papers and publishing and running journals on Ubrica Journal System.

4.1.3.         Incentives for professional practice

Professionals lacks incentives to do good in our society today. Using Ubricoin, we will issue tokens to individuals who demonstrate good professional practice, work ethics and good customer service. We will create a rating system where professionals will be rated by peers and consumers. This will act to improve quality in all sectors and eliminate inadequacy.

4.1.4.        Incentives for Shopping on Soko Janja

To promote village level commerce we will offer tokens to people who buy things made from local manufacturers. To facilitate local economy we will issue rewards for user registration into on Soko Janja platform. Consumers who will register and provide additional profile information will receive Brevis.  Purchasing and referring new users in Soko Janja will attract reward.

4.1.5.        Airdrops

We will offer Brevis to people who hold the Ubricoin on their wallets.  We will also issue brevis to people who will use our coin to do transactions.

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