We have built, on blockchain technology, a model that will overcome shortage of financing for health, which has been the thorniest issue in global health.  Lack of funding for health in many countries of the world has led to increased burden of disease, years of life lost due to illness, very poor quality of life, and very low quality adjusted life years.

We strive to create a health conscious community that rewards people who provide valuable contribution to knowledge in lifescience and health. Through a smart reward system, we will see a rise in emergence of new knowledge and solutions to most vexing issues in health. Ubricoin will reach a broad market for health production that will include billions of people in developing countries who have been excluded from health care and from financial systems.

Ubricoin on blockchain for global health is extremely powerful as it will build financial incentives for traditionally marginalized hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity. For the first time in history of mankind, hundreds of millions of people who contribute good deeds to improvement of health related quality of life of human race will receive incentives for their good deeds.

This smart reward system will unlock unprecedented amount of funds to support advancement in knowledge in general, and in lifescience and health production in the world, in particular. Good teachers who care deeply about their students, good researchers who contribute to new knowledge, and good practitioners who strive to provide greatest quality of service will receive financial incentives for their good deeds.

Our crypto-currency program involves creating incentive programs to reward excellence in education, research and practice. We shall also reward the use of Ubricoin for financial transactions in everyday practice. Buying from local suppliers and manufacturers on Soko Janja will attract rewards. By doing so, quality of medical and health care will improve all over the world.

It is widely documented that people living in developing countries do not have access to good quality education, products of research, and professional services. Much worse, developing countries are not at the forefront of biomedical research, development, innovation, and commercialization of research knowledge into commercial products and services.

The enterprise for translation of science into products for everyday domestic use and clinical care does not exist in developing countries, because there is no incentive for creating such enterprises. Absence of biomedical and health care innovation has resulted in a huge burden of disease in developing countries. Innovation in biomedical and health ecosystems rely on good financial incentives. The global financial community has not created financial incentives for biomedical innovation and health production.

Lo (2016), explained that when financial innovation is absent in a particular field of science, large scale innovation in that field is not possible. By contrast, with financial innovation any level of innovation is possible in any field of science. According to Lo, when financial innovation in a field is present, large scale innovation is possible in that field. Lo adds that financial innovation is a necessary and sufficient condition for any other innovation to occur. Furthermore, the global financial system has enough financial resources to solve all global health problems. This means that we have enough money in the world to support best quality health care for everyone. We however have lacked the technology to organize it.

To overcome this problem, Ubricoin will build financial incentives that will ensure continuous throughput of scientific innovation in service of health production in the developing world. To be successful, Ubricoin will have to reward all stages of knowledge production, beginning with primary school education. Education excellence reward system will offer tokens to primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, university educators, researchers and post university practitioners. Service quality smart reviews will provide community of users the power to incentivize quality and eliminate mediocrity in academia and industry. Ubricoin self-executing smart review contract will be the most powerful tool to improve service quality and establish loyal customer base.

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