Achieving universal health involving ensuring access. Ubrica will build retail clinical centers called Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs). We will use the URCC model to organize village level commerce. A URCC will have three primary components: a medical clinic, a retail store, and produce value addition and quality improvement workshop. We intend to support design, development and construction of at least 100 health centers that will be leased to qualifying health professionals on 20 year mortgage agreement. We will construct an average of two units per county in Kenya. Some counties with greater population may have more than two. Each center will have a fully furnished health center and a retail store. A center so designed is the Ubrica Retail Clinical Center (URCC). Individuals enrolled into the CSU form the consumer base of the URCC. Each URCC will serve a catchment population of about 300,000 people. Thus, 100 URCCs will serve at least 30 million people. The URCC project requires US$ 1 billion. We shall allocate 2 billion Ubricoins to fund design, development and implementation of 100 URCCs in Kenya

6.1.           URCCS 2 BILLION UBN

We will sell 2 billion UBNs at $2 per Ubricoin to help in design, development, construction and management of the URCCs. We intend to construct at least 100 health centers average of two units per county. The 2 billion UBNs will be sold in four phases.

6.1.2. The reward system

The aim of creating the URCCs is to build a healthy conscious community. We will use Ubricoins to create an incentive structure to facilitate healthy behaviors. We will issue points to people who:

  • Practice preventive health such as, exercise, proper diet, optimal sleep and early screening of diseases.
  • Basic and secondary prevention of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and diagnosis checkups

All points earned will go to the pooled smart contract which will be used for paying providers for health services and shopping at Soko Janja.

6.1.1.          Phase 1. Private sale

In this phase we will sell 100 million UBNs. The funds raised will be used for the design of the URCCs.  Desktop research will be carried out to determine the structure and requirements needed to construct the URCCs.  Field research and visiting the sites will be done to determine suitable areas for constructing the URCCs. We will also do environmental studies and acquire permits.

We will also do marketing to create awareness and identify doctors who will be running the clinics. Public outreach and evaluation will be carried out to understand the scope of the project.

User’s research will also be done to determine our target audience and capacity for utilization of health services in each county. User’s studies will include consumers of care, providers of care and payers of care. This will help in determining the optimal number of clinics for each county. Counties with greater population may require more than two URCCs.

We will develop a program for quality training. This will help improve the quality of care that will be provided in the clinics. The identified doctors who will own the clinics will go through continuous professional development. A fraction of the funds raised in this phase, will be used for project planning i.e. getting proper legal document, permits and doing feasibility studies.

6.1.2.        Phase 2. Presale

We will sell 300 billion UBNs in this phase. These funds will be used for the development of URCCs. We will hire consultants, architects, engineers, planners, construction security personnel and IT professionals. This team will be responsible for planning and generating of construction documents for different counties.

6.1.3.        Phase 3. Crowdsale

In this phase, we will sell 1 billion UBNs on October 1, 2019. This will help us in acquisition of land and their title deeds thereof for the implementation of the URCCs project. This land will be sourced from different counties in Kenya. Our goal is to ensure that we at least have land in all the 47 counties so as to effectively start the construction of the URCCs. We will alsoe use these funds to purchase clinical equipment required in the clinics.

6.1.4.        Phase 4. Initial Token Offering

We will sell 600 million UBNs for management of the URCCs. The funds will support mortgages to the doctors who will own the URCCs. The mortgages will make it easy for fresh graduate to own clinics. Some of the funds raised will be used in an incentive program. We will reward health professionals with Brevi for provision of quality of care. We will also issue tokens to individual with good health seeking behaviors. These incentives are meant to improve the quality of care and as motivation to the doctors. Offering token to the patients will lead to early disease detection and prevention of diseases.

Funds raised from this phase will be used for continual growth and maintenance of the clinics and to set stage for long-term success. We will also hire technical teams which will be in charge of maintaining the equipment.

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