Soko Janja will be the principal mechanism for distribution and adoption of Ubricoin. People will use Ubricoin on Soko Janja for purchasing and in turn they will receive incentives and rewards. People will be able to acquire Ubricoins on Soko Janja and get loyalty points. They will then use the Ubricoin and reuse the loyalty points to access other services in the Ubrica ecosystem including the URCCs, uSTPs and BMIC. Soko Janja will help to build a community of users.

10.1.        MARKET SCALING

We will launch the test phase for the product in Kenya, where we will connect to about 50 users’ per-day for an average of 20 days per month. That will be an average of 1000 people per month. During this test phase, we will enroll people as manufacturers and suppliers. Our social media team will reach at least 5 million people. The conversion ratio is 0.0001%, this means only 1 person in a million will respond to an e-commerce site. In other words 5 million people would produce 5 active users. Sustained campaign would produce gradual growth until a tipping point where hundreds people would convert to active users, we expect to reach the tipping point in 5 years of sustained campaigned. From there we expect exponential growth of user-base to reach tens of millions of active users

We will use the platform to gather valuable data that will be key for further development of the platform. We will be able to estimate the precision of the discovery results and the possibility of finding a better deal on some of the unlisted manufacturers and suppliers.

10.2.       Market maintenance/ Artificial intelligence

User profiling is a key to developing a strong artificial intelligence algorithm. We will use our main website (https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/), Ubrica Global Journal System (http://jghcs.info), Ubrica website (http://ubrica.com) and Soko Janja (http://sokojanja.com) to gather data on user behavior. The Ubricoin platform itself will be gathering online behavioral data. We will use this data for the machine learning process to produce more precise user profiling in Ubrica. The data will help us to launch initial global communication campaign for acquiring partners.

10.3.       Acquiring Ubricoins

There are two ways people can get involved with Ubricoin

  • Purchasing the Ubrica token through https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/buy-ubricoin/
  • Proof of excellence reward system, by joining the proof of excellence reward system you get a chance to take part in developing an excellent community. This include rating people who do good in the community and purchasing locally produced goods in Soko Janja.

In both cases, you will be increasing the value of the currency and participating in the global health program. When you purchase goods on Soko Janja you help in activating the local and the village level commerce.  By buying from each other you increase value through mutual exchange facilitated by a peer-to-peer fair trading system. As a custom token and a solution, specially designed to ensure universal health access, Ubricoin has a highly promising future of a healthy community and excellent services both in the education and health sector. A community based, driven and owned system where people will be able to buy directly from each other without mediators and access quality health care.

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