We all desire easily accessible quality health care in our lives. In most cases patients will seek for medical care during advanced stages of their diseases. The cause being financial strain, distance to the health clinic or transport.

Telehealth can bridge this gap. Telehealth, the remote exchange of data between a patient at home and their clinician(s) through a phone or video conference is a modern form of health care delivery.

According to health research, it is estimated that most visits to the doctor are for simple issues that can be solved with a conversation. There are also times when you are not so sure you need to see a doctor. This can be solved with a simple phone or video call to the doctor.

In the early times, telehealth was done through the telephone. A doctor would diagonise the patient through the telephone, especially in the odd late hours of the night, which saved a lot of time and cost to travel for both parties.

In recent times, we have the wireless communication or video conferencing between the doctor and patient. Telehealth provides solution to those in the rural areas who are unable to access quick transport to the health center. Perfect opportunities for telehealth include the pregnant mother who needs routine monitoring care that is limited in some areas, the elderly, those with children, the disabled and the arising emergency cases.

Telehealth will bring a stop to the unnecessary waiting for hours in the hospital queues which is never enjoyable to any patient, who at some point end-up postponing their appointment with the doctor leading to more harm.

We at Ubrica, will use Ubricoin to implement Ubrica Retail Clinical Centres (URCCs) and community development. Four billion Ubricoins have been set aside for the projects. We shall construct a hundred URCCs which shall be distributed throughout the country.  The URCC system will be remotely connected to the community through a telehealth channel. This will create an extensive network of health infrastructure that will reach everyone in the community. A URCC system with a telehealth network will ensure complete reach of every family in the country, ensuring universal access to health for everyone.

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