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We propose to implement Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City in Kenya (BMIC). We will build Ubrica One on multiple disparate land parcels all aggregating to approximately 4,000-acres. The complete project will be multiple master-planned biomedical industrial parks with specialty hospitals fashioned as academic medical centers (“AMCs”), research facilities, residential areas, and specialized industrial zones.

The project will host a Children & Women’s AMC, a Heart & Lungs AMC, a Neuroscience & Rehabilitation AMC, a Trauma & Orthopedic AMC, an Eye & Ear AMC, a Cancer Hospital & Hospice Care AMC, a Tropical & Infectious Diseases AMC, a Renal & Urologic AMC, a Gastro-Intestinal Diseases AMC.

We will issue 300 million Ubricon. This will be used for the development of BMIC. We will identify and hire architects, engineers and planners who will be responsible for developing the project scope and planning the implementation of the BMIC.

These funds will be used to do feasibility studies which will include Physical planning, geotechnical studies, suitability analysis, Architecture, Engineering, Economic planners, Construction planning, Security, Information technology.

Holders of Ubricoin will receive discounted services at the biomedical industrial Center. The discounted services will include: healthcare services, hospitality and tourism. The users of BMIC will receive loyalty point.

For more information Visit http://uwc.ubrica.com/…/9-ubrica-one-biomedical-industrial…/

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