By Jane M. Jeremiah

Importance of Master Planning

All UBRICA projects will be master-planned. Master planning minimizes the cost of a project in the long-term.

UBRICA understands that producing a master plan need not be an expensive feat. In-deed, master planning saves much cost in long-term. Master plans are beneficial to all stakeholders.

The UBRICA ONE medical campus will comprise:

Five world-class academic medical facilities built on a 1,000-acre

These are:

  • ONE General Hospital
  • Ubrica ONE Children’s Hospital
  • Ubrica ONE Heart Center
  • Ubrica ONE Cancer Hospital
  • Ubrica ONE Eye and Ear Hospital

An ultra-modern research facility for innovative research in science, technology, medicine, biology, and health services built on 500-acre research campus.

Residential houses built on 1,500 acres housing estate.

Industrial Park for innovations leading to pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturing built on 1,000 acres industrial site.

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