Ubricoin will benefit you as Provider of health, as a Consumer and as a Supplier of products and services to the health system and other services.
Providers of health using Ubricoin as payment at the point of sale will receive Brevis loyalty tokens, service quality tokens and direct feedback from consumers. Providers will also give direct feedback to consumers, such that consumers who adopt good health habits will be rewarded with Brevis.
Consumers will receive Brevis airdrops from using Ubricoin and shopping on Soko Janja. Brevis airdrops are monetized loyalty points issuing from the point of sale platform on Soko Janja.
Suppliers of products and services to the health system will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality token. They will also receive direct feedback from consumers, and in turn will give direct feedback to consumers.

More information https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/white-paper/

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