Nairobi Friday, May 3, 2019
Jane M. Jeremiah

UBRICA – Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa, a knowledge conversion organization that facilitates the conversion of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.

Ubrica’s effort is concentrated in the new economies and emerging markets with the aim of increasing technological innovations first in Kenya, then Africa and the World at large. The converted knowledge will produce market ready products and services.

The purpose of this project is to build Sustainable One Health Communities (SOHCs). We believe that economic development is the most powerful means of health production.

In order to achieve this, we decided to create Ubricoin, an ERC20 token built on Ethereum Blockchain protocol. We shall use Ubricoin to support design, develop and implement Ubrica projects, that will involve building world class advanced biomedical research providing highest quality health care services in the country.

We have been working tirelessly to ensure our coin is active in the cryptomarket. In order for this to happen, we have made several orders buying and selling Ubricoins on the decentralized exchanges platform, Star Bit Ex and LedgerDex.

For easy understanding on how to trade Ubricoins on LedgerDex exchange with other crypto-currency’s such as: BAT, SBT, OMG, DAI, we created a short video clip that is available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/_1XXHBXOdsE

During the 1st week of May, several meetings were held at Ubrica offices, to discuss the trade exchange platforms that are mobile user friendly. As an organization, we realized a lot of Ubricans are unable to trade on the web for lack of access to a laptop. We therefore attempted downloading on our smartphones several mobile apps such as Mobidex and Star wallets. Using these apps, we learnt how to trade Ubricoin with other tokens.

Most part of the week was spent discussing on listing Ubricoin on a centralized exchange. A good example was P2PB2B:2.5 BTC exchange. A trading network that provides businesses and individual traders with multi-support, strong security and Open Application Programming Interface (API). On this platform, one can exchange UBN to USD/UBN to ETH/UBN to BTC.

The listing of a new cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange network involves large amount of money, approximately Ksh. 2,000,000/- which is a challenge for us to raise currently. Therefore, we have embarked on researching both locally and internationally the most efficient, reliable and affordable exchange.

In Nairobi Kenya, we visited Bell Frics office located in Westlands to find out their terms and listing fee of our coin. This move proved unfruitful as the fee was excessively too high.

Lastly, we resorted to seek help from other Ubricans both locally and globally to raise the listing fee. The response from the society of Ubricans has been very positive, we are very optimistic our coin shall be listed soon in the best centralized exchange network!

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