Nairobi, April, 2019
                           Jane M. Jeremiah
Nairobi, April, 2019
Jane M. Jeremiah

The Month of April, 2019 has had a lot of activities at Ubrica offices. On Monday, 3rd week of April kicked-off with our usual seminar meetings held at Ubrica offices. The guests had arrived and sited by 10:00am. We welcomed and registered them in our guest book. Further to that, we checked on their wallets to confirm whether payment was done to the Ubricoin contract address. Each guest attending the seminar was required to pay a fee of UBN 100 to the Ubricoin contract address: 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733. Those who had not made payments to the contract address, assistance was given to them. The meeting was to discuss and enlighten the Ubrican community on the following agendas:

  1. Introduction to UBRICA
  2. Ubrica Projects: URCCs, uSTPs, BMIC
  3. Human Engagement: Soko Janja
  4. The Origin of Money
  5. Money Creation and Financial Engineering
  6. What is Ubricoin
  7. The Reason Why We Created Ubricoin
  8. Distribution of Ubricoin
  9. Funding Scientific Knowledge
  10. Ubrica Shares

The following Youtube links provide the seminar presentations by the Ubrica staff:

 https://youtu.be/J1YbL94wPQQ
 https://youtu.be/zVsy2xH-yXo
 https://youtu.be/iyNRmhEcEAg
 https://youtu.be/9QRD9n6RXwg
 https://youtu.be/AVJIBzYJhMI

After the meeting we interacted with fellow Ubricans who wanted a more personal and detailed explanation on how to use Ubricoin, some were interested in buying shares and others wanted to know how they can contribute to the ecosystem.
In order for us to understand the matters of Law and cryptocurrency, our Legal team researched on a video titled Bitcoin Law Review Senate Hearings ICO Rule Security and Token Pay’s Legal threat. The video which was in details about the Senate hearings, covered discussions on Bitcoin, and gave opinions on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) being ruled as securities. From the video, it was clear to the panelists observation that the congress men were afraid of what would happen if cryptocurrency was not regulated. Our legal team concluded that a utility token once conducted an ICO it instantly converts itself into a security token.

A conclusion with respect to Bancor protocol was met, that this method can work for us. Bancor protocol enables tokens to calculate their own prices using a transparent auto-balancing mechanism which converts directly from smart contracts.
For Ubricoin to be liquidated, we decided as Ubrica team to do 50 to 100 transactions every day, sending ethers from our wallets to the Ubricoin contract address: 0xDB13025b219dB5e4529f48b65Ff009a26B6Ae733. In the event to achieve the following:

  1. The volume value of Ubricoin.
  2. The price value of Ubricoin in Ethers/USD
  3. The market cap value of Ubricoin
  4. The ICO price of Ubricoin
  5. The erc20 transfer count which stands at 145 transfers.

On Tuesday 16th, we reported to StephJoy Girls High for STEMAH camp. Ubrica has joined hands with StephJoy to create Entrust Youth Mentorship Camp which focuses on advancement of practical use of science and technological knowledge among young people in Africa. The purpose of Entrust, is to generate lasting interest in science among primary school, high school and university students. The camp will use Ubricoin, a digital currency built on Blockchain technology and computer science, to illustrate the power of STEMAH to transform societies.

During the 1st day of the event, Mrs. Mugambi who is the school director, spoke on the Origin of education and the distracters of education. A guest speaker Eng. Alex Maina gave a talk on the technology of money and the Ubrica project, cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology. Present also at the event was Miss. Natalia Polishchouk, who is the managing director at JstWORK.com, executive headhunter and professional career coach. Her offices are located in London, sub-Saharan Africa and in Nairobi, Kenya. Miss. Polishchouk spoke of how one can job hunt using her organization website. Her firm which was established to address the skills shortage across the Sub-Sahara Africa, is the leading head-hunting and career advisory organization in Africa. She plans to bring Africans back to Africa by connecting them with experienced, seasoned talented Africans living abroad by enticing them back to jobs in Africa. Miss. Polishchouk organization has built a substantial customer relation management (CRM) database with returnee talent – Africans wanting to come back to their home country. Through their career advisory services, not only do they empower the Job Seeker to be strategic and proactive in their careers but they also select candidates who have demonstrable experience at a strategic level. They have access to industry specialists and they consider all talent available – both local and international. To end the day’s event was Dr. Macharia from Ubrica, who expounded on Ubrica and its future projects.

The 2nd day, the STEMAH camp continued with Dr. Muiruri King’ang’a a lecturer at the school, giving a talk on Biology and the different fields of biology the students can pursue in the University. Mrs. Joyce Mbugua followed suit on a talk on attitude and the factors that affect attitude. Mr. Sam Wachira gave a motivational speech on the power of a positive mental attitude. Mr. Allan a lecturer, spoke on computer science and how the Artificial Intelligence technology is taking over the world. Mrs. Mugambi also spoke on the power of confidence and how confidence in knowledge affects how we think and our attitude towards life. The day was crowned with money workshop activity where the students discussed Francisco d’Aconia’s speech on the root of money, lastly, Dr. Macharia of Ubrica discussed with the students through their group presentations on Francisco d’Aconia’s speech.

In the next couple of days, we held meetings and had lessons on how Ubricoin can be traded on the decentralized and centralized exchange like  https://www.starbitex.com/ which deals with wrapped ethers (WETH). In-order to use this platform to buy WETH and to sell UBNs, one must have and be connected to their Metamask wallet. Starbitex is a centralized exchange for it figures out the selling and buying orders by itself.

In-order to increase the selling power and buying power in the country, we have been enthusiastic to reach 14 million families in Kenya to enroll into agricultural products, produce and services into our retail market Soko Janja https://sokojanja.com/

Soko Janja, is becoming the leading market place of choice for everyone to trade their produce, products and services. Through Soko Janja, holders of UBN can now buy and sell goods and services from one another using UBN. Soko Janja will enable trades among members of Ubrica Community, otherwise known as Co-operative Society of Ubricans (CSU). Every holder of Ubricoin automatically becomes participant in CSU eco-system.  

Listing your items on Soko Janja is done from a central location (UBRICA Nairobi, Kenya).

This will be achieved by:

  • Sending clear pictures of the products to be listed
  • Sending a detailed description of the product to be listed; this includes prices, sizes, colors etc.
  • Sending detailed information about the merchant/vendor; this includes name, phone number, location etc.

This information can be sent to:

Mob: +254 755844017 (UBRICA office)

Email: info@ubrica.com (re: sokojanja product listing) where reviewing, approval and listing will be done.

For more updates on Ubrica, please visit:

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