Solving the Three Fundamental Problems in Healthcare through the Ubrica Projects

Ubricoin is a crypto currency developed to support a global health project (UBRICA) aimed at solving the three fundamental problems in healthcare

  1. Lack of access to health care
  2. Poor quality of care
  3. High cost of healthcare

Lack of access to health care

Ubrica plans to overcome the problem of lack of access to care in two ways. One way is to use Ubricoin to facilitate construction of widely distributed clinical facilities integrated with retail centers and produce processing workshops. Such facilities will be known as URCCs. URCCs will solve the problem of physical access to health care . Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs)will have a local produce value addition workshops, and a retail store. The local produce value addition workshops will collect primary produce in local communities to enhance value for export markets. Such value enhance products will be displayed in the onsite retail store and the online Soko Janja, for everyone on the world to see. Ubricoin will be used as payment gateway in the Soko Janja. The complete structure comprising the health services center, the produce value enhancement workshop and the retail store comprise the Ubrica Retail Clinical Center (URCC). URCCs will be the peripheral centers for data collection from the local people. Information collected from the URCCs will then be used in USTPs to develop local products for local communities.

The other way is to increase supply of money by redistributing money through Ubricoin crypto currency and facilitating trade by online and onsite retails markets.

Poor quality of care

To solve the problem of poor quality health care, Ubrics will improve quality of medical services by using Ubricoin to support design, development of science and technology parks (STPs) adjacent to all universities in Kenya. The STPs will promote translation and commercialization of university and community knowledge. This will bring to being, new knowledge technologies and services of great quality.

Ubrica Science and Technology Parks (USTPs) are knowledge conversion and transfer organizations. Ubricoin will promote exploration, research, publication, translation and commercialization of university and community knowledge in the USTPs. This will bring into being, new knowledge technologies and services of great quality. The USTPs will facilitate production of commercial products based on local knowledge collected from the local people. The USTPs will focus on the quality of knowledge, promote innovation and advance research to viable commercial products in the universities. Information collected from the local people through the URCCs will be used in the USTPs to generate products that have relevance, fit and working capacity in solving local problem.

High cost of healthcare

Ubrica will overcome high cost of medical services by using Ubricoin to support construction of a biomedical industrial city (BMIC). It is in the BMIC, that we will support education and manufacture of a full range of medical devices and all products used in health system. Locally manufactured technologies will be cheaper than imported ones.. The Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City will be a 4,000 acre property with multiple land uses, designed for expresses purpose to promote high-tech manufacturing on biotechnology, and health care. Conditions to bring about disruptive innovations will prevail at Ubrica One. This will enable the participants to introduce brand new, less expensive and appropriate technologies for preventing, curing diseases, creating comforts of life. Technologies emerging from knowledge concentrated from local communities in Ubrica One’s catchment area will be relevant to local conditions.

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