Ubricoin ‘Health Hero’

Coin after coin after coin has been unveiled ever since Bitcoin lit up the internet. People were almost too fascinated by the idea of a digital currency that no one person controls and that everybody can take part in. The open source nature of crypto has made it the most efficient payment method over the internet and it has quickly become the preferred choice of payment for transactions requiring transfers of huge amounts of money and more importantly as some would say, anonymous transactions in the black market.

Well universal health is about to see a most needed surge in the next decade or two following the introduction of Ubricoin, a decentralized application built on the Ethereum protocol for global health. This utility token will revolutionize the health sector by giving incentives to those areas in the health sector which have previously been neglected, and this will assist in achieving this millennium’s medical breakthroughs. Illnesses known as ‘rare diseases’ will no longer cripple the victim financially just because of the high costs big Pharmaceutical companies bear in research and development on a drug that serves less than 1% of the world’s population. It’s no surprise some dosages cost up to $3000 a year, and the people who need this drug are unable to participate in economic activities due to these diseases. Well cry no more because Ubricoin is here.

This token gives you access to the Ubrica ecosystem where disease does not hold you hostage for your lack of funds. Ubricoin is set to decentralize global health by providing high quality life science and health production in the world.  It will help in collecting crucial data in health, nutrition information, and diseases. It will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the gathering and use of global health. I bet you are feeling healthy already. Well it gets better, the improved AI will also assist in developing early disease detection algorithms, make the monitoring of diseases and health as a whole easier and more efficient, effect and impact evaluation of health programs, improve data security and facilitate accurate and quick diagnosis.

Technology is taking the world by storm at the rate at which it evolves and there is no denying that the future of health lies in Ubricoin. Are you afraid you haven’t saved enough to cater for your medical needs in your old age? Well just buy yourself some Ubricoin and sit in wait.

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