Soko Janja is a counter concept of Kenya’s Soko Mjinga. Soko Mjinga is swahili for “market of the absurd” or something close to that. In a nutshell Soko Mjinga suggests silliness, or things related to lack of wit. Soko Mjinga arose during the colonial era, as a market for used household items. You would take your items of trade to a certain location on a certain day of the week and sell them to local people visiting the market. You would sell your farm produce, second hand clothing , your hand crafted artifacts, household items you no longer required. Soko Mjinga, in and of itself is not a bad idea.

The problem arose when ujinga became that standard philosophy of market in Kenya. This traditional marketplace idea was hijacked by complacently and inanely foolish fatuousness about quality. Quality is not a requirement of all goods sold at Soko Mjinga. When quality is out the window, what remains about the products or produce offered at Soko Mjinga? As the nation grew in a post-colonial state, Ujinga spread inexorably into all parts of the nation, and across all sectors of business, and professions. Now you are likely to get Soko Mjinga of doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, restaurant owners and the like. And Soko Mjinga has spread like a virus and this philosophy of foolishness has infected all levels of government, from the national government to county level governments and even the wards in the subcounties. We now source cheaper goods from neighboring countries like Uganda with their half price eggs, the Chinese have come in by storm to dispose of their low quality electronics and other substitutes for our goods, and finally the cost of doing business in the country has since risen due to corruption.c Kenya is an extremely high economic friction environment, as Ujinga rules the trade. Quality doesn’t matter. Just sell whatever, so long as you can find a great fool to pay for it.

If we can’t rebuild what has crumbled, we might as well build something new in its place and this is where Soko Janja comes in. Soko Janja is a call to action for all people in Kenya to do away with foolishness in the market. Soko Janja insists that good respectable market requires high quality standard. To succeed we must create products of the highest quality. We must create and offers services of the best quality. To be paid we must offer the best of our products and services. According to Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged, money demands that you sell not your weakness to men’s stupidity, but your talent to their reason. Money demands that you buy not the standard they offer, but the best that your money can find. Soko Janja stands for this principle.

Soko Janja is the concept of an online retail store which facilitates wealth creation for all participants. The online store will promote the use of Ubricoin as the mode of payment for goods and services. Now, we are already half way there, citing the massive roll out of online shopping platforms across the African region which is considered by many economists the world over as the new frontier. Now all that is set to change is the mode of payment which will have to be digitized to ease transactions.

Furthermore, the Soko Janja solution comes with its incentive structure which ensures that only locally sourced goods will be traded on this online platform by locals. Shoppers will be pleased to know that they shall receive these goods and services at a discounted price. Another incentive is that there is a loyalty reward system put in place to enable Soko Janja retain customers and acquire new ones. The loyalty program will see shoppers receive points from Soko Janja which they can use to access other products and services as well as access health services in the URCCs and BMICs.

The Soko Janja movement has begun and it is upon you to get on board and buy some Ubricoin in order to be able to exploit the gifts that this ‘market’ has in store. Bitcoin was just Ksh 2000 in 2011 and now the value that it has collected is unfathomable. The Value lies in time you just need to invest in crypto because you already have time.  

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