2019-06-12 | Kaswii

 My royal eminence, here we are again, excited to explore yet another basket of goodies that UBRICA keeps blessing us with. Today we talk global health projects. UBRICA embodies a global health project built on three pillars but allow me to start from the beginning.

We created Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa [UBRICA] to address three key problems in Africa, that is: lack of access to health services, poor quality health services and high cost of care.

We plan to overcome access problem in two ways:

One way is to support construction of widely distributed clinical facilities integrated with retail centers and produce processing workshop. Such facilities will be known as URCCs. The other way is to increase supply of money by facilitating trade by online and onsite retail markets. 

We shall improve quality of medical services by supporting design, development and implementation of science and technology parks [STPs]  adjacent to all universities in Kenya. The STPs will promote translation and commercialization of university and community knowledge. This will bring to being, new knowledge technologies and services that of great quality.

We shall overcome high cost of medical services by construction of a biomedical industrial city [BMIC]. It is in the BMIC, that we will support education and manufacturing of a full range of medical devices and all products used in health systems. Locally manufactured technologies will be cheaper than imported versions. 

In my previous post, I had mentioned the smart contract. This is the system that resolves conflicts directly and efficiently. The computer program enforces a contract between two or more parties. It executes the rules when all conditions are met. Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around the agreement in the same way that a traditional contact does, but also automatically enforces those obligations.

Ubricoin smart contract will also act as an escrow to the UBRICA e-commerce Soko Janja. During purchase, the consumer will order an item and send Ubricoins to the smart contract. The smart contract will generate a code and send it to the buyer. The code will only be known by the buyer. The smart contract will hold the Ubricoin until delivery. Upon delivery of the item, the buyer will give the seller the code to add to the smart contract or the buyer will send the code to the contract as an acknowledgment of the receipt of the item. 

The smart contract will have a provision to divide the proceeds to different pools such as courier services and health fund. Time is set upon which, if the item is not delivered in time, the contract becomes void and the money is sent back to the buyer. The time limit helps, in-case, the seller decides not to deliver. Ubricoin smart contact will facilitate, verify, negotiate and conclude contracts between individuals and their contracting party.

UBRICA is truly, the gift that keeps on giving! 

 Let’s meet again tomorrow and uncover more gifts. I’ll be explaining to you how the reward system works and tell you how we can create wealth together. How about that? 

Information is indeed power. Don’t miss out. 

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