The health sector is one of the most underperforming sectors in our country. Ever since we attained independence, the health infrastructure that existed during former president Moi’s 24-year rule, are still the medical facilities that we rely on for public health services. This has led to the takeover of the industry by the private sector, which has seen medical services become inaccessible to the common Kenyan because of the inflated service charges that are now a norm in the market. It is now no surprise that even the low-income earners of our society, prefer to go overseas to India for cheaper and more successful medical procedures, flights inclusive. On the other hand, the high-income earners will jet off to Europe and the United states to get high-end services for their precious coin, which has left our health sector in a sorry state. Presently in our country, we can fairly say that the traditional medicine providers are a worthy competitor to our modern health providers. That is about to change.

These are facilities that will exist under one establishment in order to spur economic activity that will boost the common citizen’s income, in the vicinity of a clinical center. A person will no longer have to leave his or her metal welding workshop to go to seek medical care. Traditionally. the decision to visit a medical facility to seek treatment is agonizing, particularly for persons who need medical attention frequently like kidney failure victims, or diabetes patients. Such patients can now lead a normal productive life by dedicating a portion of their time in the value addition and quality improvement workshop while observing their doctors appointment a within a short walking distance in the URCC.

The URCC will be a self-sustaining center where you can earn a living, access basic medical services and still access basic amenities from the retail store. This only works if it is at a massive scale in order to reach the grassroots level.

Ubrica has got you covered! Ubrica will build 100 URCCs with at least 2 in every county to serve an approximate of 300,000 residents per center and benefit up to 30 million Kenyan’s. You could pass by the clinic to get a tetanus shot on your way to work and get a full body check up in the evening on your way out of work. Remember, this is at no cost to the common ‘mwananchi’. Ubrica has dedicated an extravagant 2 billion Ubricoin (UBN) to fund, design, develop and implement these centers across the country. If this is not the redemption we have been waiting for, I don’t know what is.

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