Ubrica’s Smart Rewards

Growing up, we needed toys. I grew up in the village so I didn’t need much of the toys to be bought, all we needed was the knowledge to make some of these toys and we’d make them ourselves. There were others that you couldn’t make though and just had to be bought. For me as it was with a majority of the boys, a bicycle was on top of my wish list. This too was the case with the ladies but a good number of them preferred the dolls. These days however, computer games have taken over with Xboxes and PlayStations, just to name a few. Just a handful of kids get to play outside with their age mates, there is reduced social interaction as opposed to how it was in the past. One thing still remains the same though, these toys do not come easy. They came as rewards for doing something good.

Who doesn’t like rewards anyway? I mean that is why those employed wake up every morning to go to work. They know that at the end of it all there’s something in it for them. On a daily basis majority of us, if not all of us, do things that we get to be rewarded for. Ubrica has come up with something they call smart reward. Amazing right? We already know that Ubrica’s main focus is global health as mentioned in my earlier blog, if you haven’t read it pleas do. This is how the smart reward works. Ubrica intends to create a health conscious community that rewards people who provide valuable contribution to education and knowledge in life science and health. For instance back at home when we fell sick to some of these minor illnesses like stomach upset we would be given herbal medicine and it worked magic. Someone with such valuable knowledge would definitely be rewarded, but not with a bicycle this time.

Ubricoin crypto-currency reward program involves creating incentive programs to reward excellence in education, research and practice. Ubricoin will reach a broad market for knowledge production that will include billions of people in developing countries who have been excluded from health care and from financial systems. Through the smart reward system, there will be a rise in emergence of new knowledge and solutions to most vexing issues in health. Since it’s a global project imagine the amount of knowledge we would have that would help solve some of these mysterious health problems and at the same time get rewarded for it.

This smart reward system will unlock unprecedented amount of funds to support advancement in knowledge in general, particularly in life science and health production in the world. It won’t just stop there, good teachers who care deeply about their students, good researchers who contribute to new knowledge, and good practitioners who strive to provide greatest quality of service will receive financial incentives for their good deeds. The program rewards the use of Ubricoin for financial transactions in everyday practice. Let’s take an example of mama mboga selling her produce in Soko Janja or even someone buying juice from a local beverage manufacturer. This will attract rewards. By doing so, there will be more Ubricoins to be allocated to the provision of quality medical and health care globally. Just like when we were young you got rewarded with a toy for doing something good, Ubrican will reward you for contributing towards achievement of global health. Here you don’t win some and lose some. It’s a double win for healthcare.

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