2019-06-19 | Kaswii

  My royal eminence…

Today we talk Soko Janja, the reward system and the UBRICOIN distribution program. As mentioned in my previous post, 3.02 billion UBNs will be distributed to support our online retail store Soko Janja, to help operationalize wealth creation. We are proposing to build a platform that is decentralized. This is good news, as the platform will facilitate peer-to-peer trading without Ubrica mediating plus, the trading will involve the use of UBRICOIN as a means of payment which will be validated by blockchain. 

               Holders of UBRICOIN purchasing locally produced products and services in Soko Janja will receive the services and products at a discount. They will also receive loyalty points for shopping in Soko Janja. This is the reward system. On the other hand, points received from shopping at Soko Janja will be used to access more products, produce and services in the Ubrica ecosystem, such as shopping at Soko Janja or access to health services in the URCCs and the BMICs. 

             These 3.02 billion UBNs will be distributed in four phases, each sold at $0.5 per UBN. 

            Phase 1 will see 300 million coins being allocated, and the funds will be used to design the e-commerce platform. Funds will also be used for field research to assess the market for the local products, visiting manufacturers to sell the idea and register them on the platform, calling and listing manufactures, clients, suppliers and customers. 

            Phase 2 will see the allocation of 600 million UBNs. These funds will be used for the development of Soko Janja. We will buy new computers to facilitate maintenance, updates and development of the platform. These funds will also cater to networking capabilities and paying salaries to people who will be working on the platform. we will also use a fraction of the funds raised to market the platform. 

            Phase 3, on the other hand, will see the allocation of 900 million coins for developing management capacity. This will include identifying, recruiting, training and retaining human resource for Soko Janja. These funds will be used to organize and upgrade teams into departments. We will use these funds for strategic planning to scale Soko Janja into a peer-to-peer market. 

           Finally phase 4 will see the allocation of 1.220 billion coins for scaling Soko Janja. These funds will be used to enroll 14 million households and pay 7,250 community workers who will be recruited to register manufacturers and suppliers in the 47 counties, 210 sub-counties and 1,450 wards in Kenya. We will create an incentive program to reward customers who will be buying locally produced products from Soko Janja. 

        Reader, i cannot stress this enough, look into Ubrica. You won’t regret it. I promise. While you’re at it, checkout our social media sites, that is;

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Tomorrow we discuss the Ubrica Retail Clinic Centers, because health is our number one priority. 


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