Why Ubricoin?

We’ve been talking about the blockchain technology and Ubricoin (UBN) for a while and haven’t actually talked about the beneficiaries of this technology. Why exactly would someone want to use Ubricoin (UBN)? Who are the beneficiaries of Ubricoin (UBN)?

Ubrica’s primary goal is to decentralize global health. The project involves building world class capability for high quality life-science and health-production (LSHP) in the world. This entails creation of a node for highly advanced biomedical research and development, and highest quality health care services. The project will ensure sufficient support for discovery of solutions to most vexing health problems in the world, particularly those emerging from the African continent and other developing parts of the world. With the project outlined,  there was need to look for a way to finance these projects hence the use of a cryptocurrency specific for health, the Ubricoin (UBN).

Today, I’ll talk about two direct beneficiaries of the Ubricoin; the consumers and producers. As humans we all fall sick once in a while, we all buy drugs or food for sustainability. This means we are consumers of health services. Take an example of Ubrica’s online shop, Soko Janja. When people use the Soko Janja, they become consumers. By using this platform to buy goods/products/services, they receive Brevis airdrops. Don’t be alarmed about the Brevis airdrops, these are monetized loyalty points issued from the point of sale platform on Soko Janja. One important thing to look at during service provision is the quality of that service. Through a rating system consumers will give immediate feedback to service/product providers. This is why most of the successful entrepreneurs base their businesses on the satisfaction of customers. The consumers who adopt good health habits will also be rewarded with Brevis. This means they will experience increased access to health generating produce, products and services

The second beneficiaries are the providers. As I mentioned, Ubricoin will be used to pay for services or products. Take an example the Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs) which will be accepting Ubricoin (UBN) as payment for services rendered. You go to one of these centers for let’s say Malaria treatment, when you pay, the clinic will also receive Brevis loyalty tokens and service quality tokens. How will they earn these Brevis tokens? This platform allows consumers to give feedback on the services provided through the rating system. This means that if you provide quality services then you’ll definitely get high ratings. Providers that receive good and high ratings will be rewarded with the Brevis airdrops.

By using Ubricoin for payment transactions, there will be dramatic reduced payment fraud because of blockchain technology. On the plus side, this technology allows people to only pay for honest work done. Payers will also enjoy simplified payment system built on blockchain.

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