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I am pretty sure most of you are wondering how you can get the Ubricoins (UBNs). We’ve already seen some of the projects that Ubrica has put in place to decentralize and facilitate global health. In this blog we’ll handle how to get the Ubricoins! First we start with the basics.

Let’s talk about wallets! Yes wallets. Normally, we have wallets of different colors, shapes and sizes where we keep money when walking about. Sometimes the money inside our wallet is less than the amount you spent on that wallet. Sometimes all we have are identification cards and no money. This is not strange especially among the youth. Life happens! In as much as I’d enjoy talking about the contents of our wallets, we won’t be discussing that today. Instead, we’ll be talking about digital wallets.

A digital wallet is a software that allows you to communicate in a cryptocurrency network when you want to do transactions. Unlike the physical wallet, you do not store money here. The purpose of a digital wallet is to facilitate the peer-to-peer communication during transactions. To understand this better, a lot of people have used different ways to explain this but I prefer using the example of an email. To communicate via email we need an application (e.g., Gmail) and an email address. The email address must have a password in order for you to have privacy. Digital wallets work in the same way. You’ll need an application such as Coinomi that is available on PlayStore or AppStore. Apart from the application/software, there are also the address (public key) and private key.

The public key allows you to receive and send coins. Assuming you were to receive money from a customer in USA who ordered your product in Soko Janja. Just like you share your email address in order for someone to send an email to you, you will share your public address with this particular person and with that public key, the person is able to directly send you money. The private key on the other hand must not be shared under any circumstances. You do that and forget about your money!  

Now that you have understood about digital wallet. how do you get money for your wallet. To buy Ubricoins (UBNs), go to you will get further instructions on how to create a wallet and buy the coins. Be part of the digital currency revolution. Don’t be left behind. Follow UBRICA on Twitter @UbricaKe Instagram @Ubrica_ke and on Telegram

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