Ubricoin brings us a solution to decades of problems. The least of those problems is carrying that bundle of notes that you can’t find a place to put. However, Ubricoin has got you covered on that too. This ERC20 token has come to relieve a defaced health system. Transparency, security, traceability, efficiency and cost saving are the foundations on which the Ubrica project will be implemented to improve people’s lives and provide a better quality of life.

A major innovation that Ubricoin will spearhead is that of decentralized health, both locally and globally. Because it is developed on blockchain, it allows everyone access to its perks and eliminates systems built on hierarchy and regulation thereby decentralizing the health sector in a program called the Ubrica project. Ubricoin is the digital currency that will fund the Ubrica project. The Ubrica project is a mission to create a node for highly advanced biomedical research and development, and highest quality healthcare service, as depicted by Waruingi (2018). Since charity begins at home, the Ubrica project targets the African continent and other developing parts of the world because you simply have to go where the problem is to solve it.

The Ubrica project comprises of an assortment of projects packaged in one. A series of excellent health centers known as Ubricar retail clinical centers (URCC), university science and technology parks and a biomedical industrial city in Kenya.

Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers

The Ubrica project will be responsible for the construction of 100 URCCs that will be leased to qualifying health professionals on a 20-year mortgage agreement. This will eliminate the scarcity of healthcare, and place the health sector in the hands of medics. This will facilitate better health care service provision, easy access to healthcare and give medical practitioners the required resources to combat diseases. Mind you, the healthcare providers will not be renting a space to perform their practice, but a fully modernized medical facility where all they need to provide is the service.

University Science and Technology Parks

The Ubrica project will fund the construction of 66 science and technology parks (STPs) for universities. Ubrica will collaborate with universities to build facilities within their boundaries, which will be hubs of invention and innovation. The parks will give students a platform to experiment, research and implement their ideas. The parks will also build a bridge between investors and the youthful entrepreneurs.

Biomedical Industrial city

Ubrica will implement a biomedical industrial city in Kenya, which will be known as Ubrica one. A mega project that will sit on approximately 4,000 acres of land. The project will comprise of multiple biomedical industrial parks. The facilities will have master planned hospitals fashioned as academic medical centers, (AMCs) research facilities, residential areas and specialized industrial zones. This is in a bid to practice preventive health as well as curative health.

 The Ubrica project is the key to achieving the two of the five social pillars in Kenya, being health and labour, youth and human resource development on our journey towards achieving vision 2030.    

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Waruingi, M. (2018). Ubricoin: Blockchain technology for global health. Ensuring universal access for you and your loved ones. Makuyu, Muranga: Don Bosco Printing School.

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