Two choices: play it safe or play it smart

Have you ever been broke? I don’t mean having little money broke, I am talking about being in an emergency, like needing to visit the hospital and you don’t have money broke. Many of us will run to loan apps. but the loan apps cannot give any more money because remember, still haven’t finished paying the previous debt so there’s only one other option left: borrowing from friends.

Most of these times even our friends don’t have money and when they do, its in a bank and involves a whole lot of processes which makes it take a while to arrive and by the time it does, you have already given up or everything that you were trying to avoid has caught up with you.

That, my dear readers pretty much summed up my life until I came across UBRICOIN. Ubricoin does not need any trusted third party to transfer money and it does so without any delays, without fees and moves faster than three days.

Okay I know you are probably wondering if Ubricoin is a person or a thing so let me explain.

Ubricoin is a block chain technology for global health ensuring universal health access to you and your loved ones. Block chain is a time stamped set of immutable records managed by many independent computers owned by many people and distributed all over the world. Each record is tied together with many other records to form a block and each block is secured and bound to each other using cytographic code.

All this information in the block chain is transparent and open for anyone and everyone to see. The purpose of Ubricoin on block chain is to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality health for all. However for a blockchain to work it relies on three things:

1. An open ledger which shows each transaction and can account for every transaction made.

2. A distributed ledger in which each person has a copy of the ledger which is continuously updated and if a person joins then he/she gets the same copy. All participants of the network must see the same copy

3. Miners are special nodes which can hold the ledger.

If you want to have a financially secure future, you can’t play by the old set of rules. It’s just too risky Ubricoin might just be the change you need to adapt. For more detailed information on Ubricoin see my next post and I will let you know why you should use Ubricoin.

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