Ubrica One Biomedical Industrial City

Approximately 29% of Kenya’s 49 milion people still live in abject poverty according to World Poverty Clock report which ranked Kenya at 6th and 8th in Africa and the World respectively.  This means a majority of households in Kenya do not have access to quality healthcare. This penury makes access to quality healthcare a near impossible feat.

In as much as the healthcare sector has been through such reforms as cost sharing schemes and health insurance covers, the public hospitals are still run like businesses for making profits leading to majority of families seeking help elsewhere. These days when a family member is sick the first thing that comes to mind is how to get funds to travel to India.  It’s not because of the absence of facilities in Kenya. Going cost of medical care in India is far much cheaper as compared to Kenya. In the rural areas where poverty levels are even higher, people resort to self-medication or buy any drug to treat illness. A drug like Panadol is often used to treat any sickness that has headache as its symptom. In the end such diseases are never treated and may become fatal if not checked in good time.   

Ubrica, through Biomedical Industrial City in Kenya (Ubrica One) has a different vision for healthcare especially in Kenya.  The main aim of Ubrica One is to create places that will be lead centers of excellence in global health in: discovery, development and commercialization of cutting edge technologies in biomedicine; and world class services in health promotion, disease detection, disease prevention and disease treatment. There’s need for leadership in research on human biology, human physiology and human medicine; translational research in medicine, nano-science, biotechnology, molecular biology and human genetics; clinical medicine; organization of systems of delivery of care, information systems for health. There is a lot more to learn and Ubrica One will offer exactly that

On an approximately 4,000-acre, Ubrica One will be an all-inclusive development with multiple land uses in Kenya. Upon completion, Ubrica One will be home to eight ultramodern academic specialty medical centers structured as world class hospitals, centers for advanced science in biomedicine structured for advanced research and centers for biomedical translation and innovation. The complete project will be multiple master planned biomedical industrial parks with specialty hospitals fashioned as academic medical centers (AMCs), research facilities, residential areas, and specialized industrial zones.

AMCs will be of different categories; a Children & Women’s AMC, a Heart & Lungs AMC, a Neuroscience & Rehabilitation AMC, a Trauma & Orthopedic AMC, an Eye & Ear AMC, a Cancer Hospital & Hospice Care AMC, a Tropical & Infectious Diseases AMC, a Renal & Urologic AMC, and a Gastro-Intestinal Diseases AMC. With this kind of facility put up, some of the leading diseases with the highest fatality rates will be reduced not only in Kenya but globally.  

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