2019-06-24 | Kaswii

 My royal eminence…

Today is the day we explore the Ubrica Retail Clinic Centers. This is a concept that involves achieving  universal health while ensuring access. Yes this is indeed possible. We will use the URCCs model to organize village level commerce. A URCC will have three main components: a medical clinic, a retail store, and a produce value addition and quality improvement workshop. Each URCC will serve a catchment population of at least 300,000 people. Thus 100 URCCs will serve at least 30 million people. 

 4 billion UBNs will be allocated to help in design, development, construction and management of the URCCs. We intend to construct at least 100 health centers average of 2 units per county. 

  The 4 billion UBNs will be allocated in four phases. 

 In the first phase, 200 million UBNs will be allocated for the design of the URCCs. Desktop research will be carried out to determine the structure and requirements needed to construct the URCCs. Field research and visiting the sites will be done to determine suitable areas for constructing the URCCs. We will also do environmental studies and acquire permits. We will do marketing to create awareness and identify doctors who will be running the clinics. We will develop a program for quality training. The identified doctors who will own the clinics, will go through continuous professional development. Public outreach and evaluation will be carried out to understand the scope of the project. 

The second phase will see 600 million UBNs being allocated to the development of the URCCs. We will hire consultants, architects, engineers, planners, construction and security personnel and IT professionals. This team will be responsible for planning and generating of construction documents for different counties. 

  In the third phase, 2 billion UBNs will be allocated to help us acquire land and their title deeds for the implementation of the URCC project. This land will be sourced from different counties in Kenya. Our goal is to ensure that we at least have land in all the 47 counties so as to effectively start the construction of the URCCs. We will also use these funds to purchase clinical equipment required in the clinics. 

 The phase four allocation will see, 1.2 billion UBNs being allocated to the management of the URCCs. Funds raised in this phase will be used for continual growth and maintenance of the clinics and to set stage for long-term success. We will also hire teams which will be in charge of maintaining the equipment. 

Reader as you can see, this is a serious project. One that is set to change the direction of health in this country as well as our individual economic status. I am involved. Are you?

Would you like to? well, you can purchase UBNs from our website today. https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/buy-ubricoin/ and join the movement. In my next post, we focus on our intent to build sustainable One Health Communities.

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