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My royal eminence… 

From my previous post we explored the Ubrica Retail Clinic Centers. Now, in today’s post, we will look into the Sustainable One-Health Communities (SOHCs). They will comprise of 6 primary components. 

1. A co-operative Society of Ubricans (CSU) constituted by our members drawing from local communities.

2. Produce/product workshops for improving quality and packaging of things produced by our members.

3. A retail store that serves as a market for produce and products by members of the CSU.

4. A one-health clinic that provides clinical services to members of the CSU.

5. A web/mobile platform ( for managing the commerce issuing from the retail system.

6. A biomedical industrial city.             

Our SOHCs are rooted in the conception that economic development is the most powerful means of health production. Economic development is the greatest cause of improvement in health. Economic health, the 4th element of health production, is the primary driver of sustainable one-health in any community in the world. It is common knowledge that compared to a wealthy person a poor person is more likely to get sick; more likely to develop complications of disease; more likely to succumb complications and to develop disability due to disease, and more likely to die from a disease. It is impossible to improve health of a poor person in the long term, without improving the wealth of the person in the long term.

And, so, here is the fundamental solution. 

When we strike a sale at Soko Janja, our online marketplace, we divide the proceeds of produce/product sale into three fractions. One fraction goes back to the member, in form of profit. Second fraction goes back to the co-operative to meet operations and administration needs. The third fraction sits in a health fun. This is what is called health risk pooling. A member seeking care at a health facility is fully covered. 

The owners of health facility are happy because they are assured of payment of the quantity and quality of their service offering.

So what is pooling anyway?

Pooling refers to collecting money from many people in a group so that the money collected is then used to pay for health services for its members. Ours is a pooled smart contract where, each individual holder of Ubricoin will receive a smart contract to use health services at a URCC at the time of need Ubricoin holders who will shop at Soko Janja, practice healthy behaviors will get loyalty point inform of Brevis. The Brevis will go to the pooled smart contract to be used to access health care services in the URCCs. The smart contract will cover preventive and curative services for the holder by the contract. Pooled smart contract will recreate a pooled smart contract (PSC) that will act as health risk pooling.

Reader, here it is all about the quality of your service and the rewards that come with it. This system is as solid as it sounds. Follow the link below to buy UBN

In my next post, we expound on the University Science and Technology Parks.


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