Ethereum is the most popular platform for smart contracts and is an absolute force to reckon with. For an ERC20 token wallet to meet the standards, it has to achieve certain criteria:

  • User friendliness – this is the ease of use as well as the design of the interface
  • Ability to back up and retrieve files easily
  • Compatibility with multiple operating systems
  • Private keys – this gives you control over your wallet
  • Availability of active developers in that development community.

Below is a list of wallets that meet the criteria above, as reviewed by Cryptomaniac (2019).


This wallet has achieved a top place in the list because of a variety of features that give it an edge over the other wallets. They include inbuilt security PINs, pass phrases and seed keys. It gives a user the ability to store more than 24 cryptocurrencies. It connects to a PC via USB and has an OLED screen and a side button. The screen is a convenient provision to keep track of transactions. It is however not free.


This wallet connects to a PC via USB like the previous one. It has a stylish and futuristic look. It has cool features like a touch screen and a magnetic dock that ensures it gets a firm hold over any surface. It has a unique backup feature, which comes in the form of a personal recovery code. Immediately when this device is setup it creates a 12-digit code, which must be written down for future reference. The user can make use of this code to retrieve lost funds in cases of loss or damage.


It is an open-source web-based service wallet. Despite criticism on online storage, due to susceptibility to malware and cybercrime, it provides unmatched security. This is because it uses your machine’s browser to generate relevant data and does not save any data on its server. It is not a wise course of action to save all funds on this platform because it is an online platform, where 100% safety is not guaranteed.


Metamask is a browser extension, which allows the same functions, features, and ease of access like an Ethereum wallet. It enables you to interact with dAPP and smart contracts easily. You don’t have to install any software, just add Metamask extension to your browser and start using a portable yet proficient wallet for your ERC20 token. It is a by far the most flexible web wallet.


This wallet provides support to more than 70 coins. It keeps your private keys as private as it sounds, right on your device. It gives you full control of the funds and by providing you with a master password. It helps to protect your account against hackers and malware of any sort. It is however only available on android but there has been talk of releasing an IOS version.

Other ERC20 wallets worth checking out include Trust, Parity and Mist. They all come highly recommended. Please get yourself any of the above and start purchasing crypto instantly.


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