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Knowledge conversion sequence. [Note. from, Macharia Waruingi. (2010). Ustawi Knowledge Conversion Continuum. Minnetonka, MN: Ustawi.]

My royal eminence…

We are finally here, and as promised this post is to expound on the University Science and Technology Parks (USTPs). This kind of park is also known as a research park. It is a property based development that fosters growth of tenant affiliated with higher institutions of learning. The purpose is to facilitate sharing of knowledge, promote innovation and advance research to viable commercial products. 

Ubrica will facilitate design, development and implementation of 66 Science and Technology Parks (STPs) for Kenyan universities. Ubrica will also provide STP development and management service through our Scientific Real Estate Development Division (SREDD).           

How will the STPs benefit the local communities?

1. Science parks may offer a number of shared resources such as incubator programs, collaboration activities, telecommunication hubs, reception, security, among others.

3. They can be attractive to university students who may interact with prospective employers.

2. Science parks also aim to bring together people who assist the developers of technology to bring their work to commercial fruition.

4. Apart from tenants, science parks create jobs for the local community, for example they may be built with restaurants, sports facilities, etc.

5. Science parks catalyze community innovation.

Ubrica will establish a University Technology Transfer Office (UTTO) to facilitate the commercialization of University intellectual property, including patents and copyrights. The UTTO will be responsible for the development, protection, and utilization of intellectual property rights.

UTTO will serve as the liaison of cooperative ventures between university and industry. UTTO will promote and facilitate business development and entrepreneurship by bringing researchers together with experienced entrepreneurs and investors to form companies for commercializing university technologies.

UTTO will maintain an electronic database of start-ups based on university technology. The data base will be publicly available through Ubrica Website that people can view and invest directly. We will create a reward system for the science park.

Staff members who will work in collaborative teams to create markets, execute patenting and licensing of new ideas, discoveries and innovations will receive rewards. The reward system will also facilitate the translation of innovations into commercial products and services. Researchers and students who will work with UTTO will also receive incentive.

Everyone is winning here. Reader, get involved, don’t be left out. Systems are changing. The future is now! In my next post I will break down how UBNs have been allocated to support the parks.

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