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As promised this post provides clear details of details of how UBNs will be allocated towards the Science and Technology Parks (STPs). These coins will be allocated in the year 2020. These funds will facilitate knowledge transfer from the universities to industry. The 3.02 billion coins will be allocated in four phases each phase raising funds to support different segment of this project.

In the first phase, 151 million UBNs will be allocated to facilitate the design of the STPs, setting out the strategy and deciding on the best model for implementation. We require a lot of desktop and field research to understand the STPs scope and relationships. This will be done by a team of professionals. We will therefore, sell these UBNs to support this stage of STP development.

In the second phase, 453 million UBNs will will be used for the development of STPs. We will identify and hire architects, engineers and planners who will be responsible for developing the project scope and planning the implementation of the STPs. We will use the funds to support feasibility studies which will include physical planning, geo-technical studies, suitability analysis, architecture, engineering, economic planners, construction planning, security, information technology.

In the third phase, 1.51 billion UBNs will be allocated to facilitate the construction of the STPs. We intend to construct 66 STPs in different Kenyan universities. These funds will be used to purchase land, entitlement and the construction material for this project to monitor and evaluate the project.

In the final phase, 906 million UBNs will be allocated to support management of the STPs. We will use the funds to create a mortgage program to facilitate ownership of scientific real estate developed as innovation hubs. We will also create a reserve fund to support operation of innovation hubs within each STP, until break-even. Operations of an innovation hub within an STP will be responsible for generating high quality research, ideas innovation, translation/commercialization of knowledge into products and services that help solve local problems.

STPs will bridge the university with the industry and with the local community. To stimulate new innovations we will create bounty programs to reward individuals or groups with new scientific ideas that will help provide solutions to our vexing problems.

We will issue tokens to people who will

1. produce original research,

2. publish the results of their original research,

3. present the results of their research in scientific conferences locally and internationally,

4. translate their research knowledge into commercial prototypes, and

5. commercialize their prototypes into products of everyday use.

Reader, this is as solid as it sounds. 

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