There is only a handful of ways for a person to acquire crypto. This is either by purchasing the crypto, or getting the crypto as a reward for a task completed. Many a people however lack the basic knowledge on how to acquire Cryptos, and so in this piece, we aim to educate cryptocurrency enthusiasts on how to purchase our golden egg, Ubricoin.

In order to purchase Ubricoin, you first have to acquire a Ubricoin compatible wallet. This is an app that allows you to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, to monitor your transactions, and store your crypto. For Ubricoin, there are three such wallets namely (a) Trust wallet, (b) Coinomi wallet (both of these apps are available in the app store) and (c) MetaMask wallet (a browser extension for your PC).

To buy Ubricoin, you have to follow the following steps carefully.

1. Download and Install Coinomi or Trust ERC20 Wallet to your smart phone. [Follow instructions for installing wallet very carefully.]

2. Click on Wallet app.

3. Once app is open, click, Create New Wallet. After clicking create new wallet, the app will give you a 12-word for Trust wallet (or a 24-word for Coinomi wallet) Recovery Phrase. Make sure to write down and store in a safe place for recovery purposes.

4. Click Next.

5. Create a password for your new Wallet.

6. By doing so, you have completed to create your wallet.

7. Get your Wallet Address, also known as, Public Key.

Follow instructions for installing wallet very carefully.

Once you have completed this procedure, send your public key (i.e., Ethereum wallet address) information to

Buy your Ubricoin today and better your tomorrow.


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