With a population of more than 45 million people, Kenya is one of the most populous sovereign nations in East Africa. Despite its breathtaking natural beauty, Kenya faces a number of serious problems. Poverty is widespread. Income inequality is rampant. Millions of people lack access to healthcare. One of the biggest challenges in Kenya is to make healthcare available to all of its citizens. With approximately 80% its population living in poverty, Kenya struggles to provide access to basic healthcare services and medical treatment to its citizens. In fact, only 2 percent of Kenyans have health insurance,close to 40 million Kenyans are without good healthcare coverage.

Ubrica, through Biomedical Industrial City in Kenya (Ubrica One) envisions a better future for healthcare services by developing Ubricoin on blockchain to serve as a platform devoted to improving quality of health for all.

Ubricoin will help achieve universal health, and therefore global health. Ubrica will use Ubricoin to develop health industry and create market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that will inspire positive contribution to health improvement around the world. Ubrica will use a smart review system to reward consumers for positive health behavior.

Educators at all levels of education, researchers, and practitioners at all levels
will receive rewards for excellence, quality of work, and positive contribution to

Ubrica believes in a future where everybody has access to best health products and
services. Ubrica believes in great health that is easily accessible and affordable to all.
Ubrica believes in a future of universal health access. Ubricoin will
improve health related quality of life (QOL) and quality adjusted life years
(QALY). In addition, we believe that Ubricoin will reduce the enormous burden
of disease (BoD), particularly in the developing world, and eliminate years of life lost (YLL) due to disease.

Ubrica will play a very important role in the betterment and improvement of the general health of the citizens in Kenya even those who are poor because as stated earlier ensuring that accessibility to the best health products is a key goal and aim.

To buy the coins go to https://ubricoin.ubrica.com/buy-ubricoin/

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/J-0FAUgN8EMwGwShzQlzAQ

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