Health has almost become a previledge for the rich. It is now a norm to find an eye watering story on social media platforms like Facebook, where a child or adult has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and is in need of immediate medical assistance and assistance from the public, to save their life. This shows that over the years, access to health has drifted further out of the reach of the people. Disease is now an unshakable source of poverty. And It is sad when a whole family’s earnings go towards clearing hospital bills.

However, there is a solution to the problem, which has been articulated, discussed, evaluated and brought forward by Ubrica for the less fortunate to take benefit. With Ubricoin blockchain technology for global health, Ubrica brings to you, Sustainable One Health Communities (SOHCs). These communities will work together by pooling their resources in order to mitigate costs for health services and other activities and services under Ubrican agenda. These communities comprise;

A co-operative Society of Ubricans (CSU) constituted by our members drawing from local communities.

Produce/product workshops for improving quality and packaging of things produced by our members.

A retail store that serves as a market for produce and products by members of the CSU.

A one-health clinic that provides clinical services to members of the CSU.

A web/mobile platform for managing the commerce issuing from the retail system.

A biomedical industrial city.

Pooling risks together allows the higher costs of the less healthy to be offset by the relatively lower costs of the healthy (Waruingi, 2018). This is because the number of poor individuals in our society is extremely high, and by bringing their limited resources together, they can be able to handle medical bills and other bills one at a time. The genius behind the idea is that, it is unlikely that all members fall sick at once to an extent that the resources are inadequate. This pooling of resources allows for access to quality healthcare services and after health services like a doctors appointment for a medical check-up.

At the heart of this fundamental solution is the mega project by Ubrica Soko Janja. This is the online retail store that will give both health providers and health seekers the much needed assurance and security when it comes to bill settlement. As indicated in Ubricas manifesto, the proceeds of a purchase (profit) will be divided into three fractions. One fraction goes back to members pockets, another fraction goes back to meet operational and administration costs, and the last fraction goes to a health fund. That last fraction is what ensures that health providers and seekers are happy because of guaranteed health costs coverage.

A healthy living is a fundamental right, and it is with a golden heart that Ubricoin brings to the world a health ecosystem that will couple the old and the new to create a society centered on health and individual prosperity.

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Waruingi, M. (2018). Ubricoin: Blockchain technology for global health. Ensuring universal access for you and your loved ones. Makuyu, Muranga: Don Bosco Printing School.

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