Ubricoin is taking the country by a wave. All over social media, the first post that a person will come across is about Ubricoins promising returns. Well, the claims are credible. Ubricoin exists with the sole purpose of supporting design, development and implementation of the Ubrica project. The Ubrica project is a multi-project program aimed at creating a community centered on health and individual prosperity. It includes of Ubricas Retail Clinical Centers, University Science and Technology Parks and Ubrica One Biomedical Industry.

These projects are self-sustaining and they will ensure that all players involved in their implementation and operations, get adequate compensation. The projects revolve around society’s welfare. To explain how the projects will affect the society, here is a list of stakeholders and ways they stand to benefit.


A consumer refers to the people who will be consuming health services and other services offered by the online shopping platform, Soko Janja. Consumers will receive Brevis airdrops simply from shopping on Soko Janja. Apparently, a mass education campaign held by Ubrica has already seen people receive the Brevis Airdrops. This is a loyalty program issuing monetized loyalty rewards for using the point of sale platform Soko Janja. A rating system is also in place to give priority to high-ranking consumers.


This refers to health providers who are willing to accept Ubricoin as a mode of payment. Any health provider in the Ubrica One Biomedical Industry and Ubricas Retail Clinical Centers will receive Brevis loyalty tokens, service quality tokens and the privilege of direct feedback from consumers. Working with Ubrica will also ensure that you are in direct contact with your service consumers and so you can give them direct feedback on a diagnosis. This will enable them to keep a record of a consumer’s health, which will then act as a rating board, which will see consumer who have adopted good health habits, get a Brevis reward.

Payer and supplier

Anybody who adopts Ubricoin as a mode of payment, be it a payer or supplier, will not go unnoticed. They as well will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality tokens.


Regulators of health services you will create intelligent regulation based on real-time data. This will ensure good governance. They will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality token.

Non-governmental organizations.

Local and international non-governmental organization incentives will come as simplified data gathering for need assessments, project implementation evaluation, and post implementation evaluation. They will also receive Brevis airdrops and service quality token.

International development organization

International development organizations concerned with global health will have a system for easy tracking and detection of diseases of global health concern before they become epidemics. They will also enjoy simplified data gathering for needs assessments, project implementation evaluation, and post implementation evaluation. They will receive Brevis airdrops and service quality token.

Universities and academic organizations

These, are by far the bodies that will benefit most from Ubricoin. Aside from a symbiotic relationship, University or academic organizations will receive rewards for increased quality of research, publication, translation and commercialization of knowledge.

Health service organization

Health service organization will receive rewards for quality of services and better organized health systems, safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable.

As captured in this article there is not a person in society left untouched by the generosity and big heart that comes with Ubricoin. Ubricoin sees society as a partner with which to coexist and prosper together as it is traditionally supposed to be. With Ubricoin we are going back to the basics.

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